A Brief History of Thailand Infographic

Thailand is a beautiful country that’s located in Southeastern Asia. It’s a very popular tourist destination; more so than its neighboring countries. The reasons for this are many; the country has some amazing natural beauty; its citizens are known for their hospitality, the food is great, and there’s a lot to explore with the temples and relics of a rich history. Since it has a tropical climate, Thailand also boasts some unique ecosystems, including fertile lands, hilly forests, large plateaus, and rugged coastlines. 

All in all, there’s a lot to see in Thailand but even more to learn about when it comes to history. While it’s a major tourist hub today, this country started out as primarily an agricultural one. From the 1960s onwards, there have been more and more people moving to its capital, Bangkok as well as other cities. Today, there are several metropolitan areas in Thailand, providing a developed way of life for residents and tourists alike. The country still pays tribute to its history, though, with kingdoms and dynasties as well as military rule influencing many sectors before the current democratic government. It’s also the only country to avoid the colonial threat of Europe in Southeast Asia in the 19th and 20th centuries. If this sounds interesting, here’s a brief history of Thailand over the years. 

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a brief history of thailand