African Tribes and Culture Infographic

Africa is the second largest continent in the World, and it is the only continent which spans southern as well as northern hemispheres. Colonized for over 300 years, African culture is a diverse subject due to its intriguing traditions and tribes. The country is around 30.37 million km² (11.7 million mi²) in size. That makes the US 32.4% of the magnitude of Africa, and the United Kingdom is just 0.8% of the total expanse. Furthermore, Africa accounts for around 16 % of the Global population, and it has about 50 countries, that’s roughly 1.2 billion people.

Within these countries, almost 3000 different African tribes are residing. Moreover, the country has 11 official languages that are recognized by the law there. Africa has a number of ethnic nationalities, varying from each other in terms of languages, food, traditions, etc. However, a series of cultural traits is shared by all African people which separates them from the rest of the World. Although the country has diverse cultures, but they have a lot of similarities, like their respect and love for the culture, their morals and values, affection towards their king or chief, etc. 

If we dig deeply to understand the concept of tribe; the common understanding of the term is a community or group of people, sharing same dialect and culture that are connected by economic, religious, social or blood ties. On the other hand, culture is basically a combination of different qualities associated with a particular group of people. For instance, morals, beliefs, law, knowledge, customs, art and other attributes. It is nearly impossible to discuss all the African tribes and cultures in details here because of the huge numbers, but you can read about some popular ones in the chart below.

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African Tribes and Culture