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Certainly, it was a long journey to our present educational system, which struggled to find its way throughout the history of the United States. Over time and in different periods, the aim of education changed as well as its educational philosophy, which is shown nicely in the infographic below.

Teaching has been around since medieval times, although its original purpose was not related to education. It had more to do with religion, as monks introduced reading and writing to the public. But there’s not much left of medieval education because no one wrote much about it. Even if there was some documentation on it, it would have been destroyed during the invasion of Norman and Viking forces.

If we look at the American Education by The Numbers, we will see that a patchwork of small, local schools served the educational needs of children from pre-school through high school. However, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as urban populations began to grow dramatically—and as compulsory education laws took effect across the country—the need for a new type of school system became evident.

Let’s explore the vast history of American education through this interesting infographic:

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American Education History



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