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America is one country that is surrounded by water from everywhere. Some of the biggest states are near the ocean which is why people living in these areas have specific interests in boating as well. Besides, people also come from other places to have recreational boating experiences. It is also played as a sport. America is also among those countries where many types of boats are used. All of this makes the American Boat Industry huge. How huge? We will evaluate that with the help of numerical graphs. 

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Number of Registered Paddle Crafts in the USA from 2017 to 2020

Number of registerd paddlecrafts in the US from 2017 to 2020

Paddle Crafts are one of the most popular forms of recreational boats in the USA. These boats are one of the cheapest ones too. They make up such a major proportion that they are also being registered now. The actual number is quite big and the registered ones are low but it is always better to get your paddle crafts registered. 

From a trend analysis, it can be seen that in 2017, the number of registered paddle crafts was 492,420 which increased consistently in the upcoming years. By 2020, this number reached 568,466 which is an increase of 76,266 boats. This is an approximately 13% increase in just 3 years. It also shows that more people in America are actively getting their paddle crafts registered. 

Number of Motorboats in the USA in 2020

Number of Motorboats in USA in 2020

While paddle crafts have been a good option for many years, motorboats are becoming increasingly common because of the ease of transport as well as the speed that they offer. They come in various sizes and offer maximum convenience to the riders as well. Many companies also rent out motorboats as not everyone can easily afford them. 

As of 2020, in the USA, the number of motorboats under 16 feet is more than 3.9 million while those between 16 and 25 feet are 6.45 million. These two categories make up most of the number of motorboats in the USA. The other motorboats are bigger and very expensive so they are not purchased as much. 26 – 40 Feet boats are about 0.5 million. 40 – 65 feet boats are 71,610. All motorboats above 65 feet are 11,203 in the USA. 

Number of Registered Sailboats in the USA

Number of Registered Sailboats in USA

Sailboats have also gained popularity in the USA over the past few years. They are also being considered as a proper mode of transportation which is why the registration is being done as well. However, not a lot of people are getting their sailboats registered. The massive popularity of motorboats is also one reason for this. 

From the graph, it can be seen that in 2017, the number of registered sailboats in the USA was 102,878 but it kept on declining. In 2018, this number was 102,360 and in 2019, it reached 100,284. By 2020, it went below a set benchmark figure of 100,000 and came at 94,500. 

US Leisure Boat Market 

US Leisure boat market

The overall US Leisure boat market is quite big. This includes many types of boats such as sailboats, motorboats, paddleboats, and many others as well. The forecasts of the leisure boat market of the USA also show a constantly positive trend in the upcoming years. 

In 2018, this number was around $10.6 billion and showed a slight increase in 2019 by going up to $10.9 billion. It then kept on increasing and reached around $11.91 billion in 2022. A further increase is also expected from the current average increase rate. By 2028, the US Leisure boat market is expected to cross $14 billion. The $4 billion is the total increase in 10 years between 2018 and 2028. 

US Yacht Market Size

US Yacht Market Size

Yachts are also one of the most popular forms of recreational boats in the US. They are quite expensive which is why only a niche market is supported by them. In the US, this small segment is growing as well. The primary reasons for this include an increase in the overall income as well as an increase in the interest of people among Yachts. 

As of 2017, the US Yacht Market was at $1.9 billion and reached $2 billion in 2018. A consistent increase is seen since then and in 2022, the market size has reached $2.43 billion. By the end of the 9-year period which has started in 2017, the US Yacht market size is expected to be at $2.95 billion. This is an increase of almost $1 billion (approximately 50%) from the initial value. However, it is still considered a small number. 

Interest in Boating by Age Group

Boating Industry

We have analyzed how big the boating industry is but it is also important to know more about the key stakeholders of this industry. Not everyone is a big fan of boating. This can be evaluated by the graph of interest in boating categorized with age group. Surprisingly, young people and adults tend to be a fan of boating while the elderly (aged 50 above) are not big fans of boating. 

37.4% of the boating industry comprises young people aged 18 – 29 years. The next group is of people aged 30 – 49 years which account for 41.6% of the entire boating industry. Lastly, the age group of 50 – 64 years accounts for 21% of the boating industry. These numbers are most likely going to stay the same over the next few years. 

Number of Boats Involved In Recreational Boating Accidents in 2020

Number of boats involved in recreational boating accidents

As boating becomes an increasingly popular activity all over the USA, it also becomes the one in which accidents tend to increase. One reason for this is also because of the limited precautions and lack of skills or professional expertise required to sail a boat in different water conditions. For this reason, we have made a graph that highlights the number of boats involved in recreational boating accidents in 2020. 

Most accidents were in the case of Open Motorboats (3257). This is mainly because motorboats can sail at very high speeds which can sometimes make the control difficult. Other boats in this list include Personal Watercraft (1564), Cabin Motorboat (937), Pontoon Boat (588), Auxiliary Sailboat (234), and Kayak (213). There are a few other types of boats as well which have been involved in a lesser number of accidents. These include houseboats, Canoe, Rowboat, Airboat, Sailboat, and Inflatable. 

Number of Deaths Linked Directly to Boating Accidents

Number of deaths directly linked to boating accidents

While the accidents in the boats are becoming more and more, some of these become intense and fatal for the passengers as well. Over the past few years, there have been several accidents involving boating. This means more precautions need to be taken by the passengers to avoid any fatalities. 

On the 10-year trend analysis, the average number of deaths per year in boating accidents within the USA remains at 650. It was 672 in 2010 and reached the peak in 2020 at 767. During these 10 years, it showed an increase and fall consistently. The least number of deaths linked to boating accidents within the USA was noticed in 2013 when there were only 560. 


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