Americans Love Their Boats


Boats are certainly one of the best ways to have recreation. Many people in America have their own boats while others just rent them out. The friendly culture of boating in America has grown exponentially over the past few years. Many people go for weekend fishing trips as well as this is one of the best ways to pass your time. Those who are new to boats should always start from a small boat and then go to the bigger motor-operated ones.

History of Boats

Boats are considered to have been used since ancient times. What we see today is the ultimate image of modern craftsmanship and design features. Besides, they are safe too. However, historically, boats were never this safe. People used to face several issues when traveling via boats as they were not reliable and put the lives of travelers at risk.

The Era of 8000 BC to 6000 BC

The world’s oldest known boat is called Pesse Canoe. Archeologists believe that there might be watercraft or means of transport in water even before this time, but the only evidence found from archaeological sites is this canoe which belongs to the early Mesolithic period, the era of 8000 BC to 7510 BC. This boat had a very simple design as it was just made from a big log which had one of its sides and middle part cut out. This is why it is also called the “dugout canoe”.

The dimensions of this boat were 117 inches by 17 inches which allowed only 2 people to travel in it at max. Sometimes, the boat would be only used to carry one person if the luggage was quite high. This boat was made from the particular Scots Pine log which was considered to be strong and easily floatable as well. According to archaeologists, the boat was constructed using a range of antler tools [7].

Surprisingly, this thousand-year-old boat was found in 1955 while the A28 Dutch Motorway was under construction. Since this canoe had a very basic design, it was mistaken for a tree trunk initially. However, after a local farmer named Hendrik Wanders took this boat, he examined it and then handed it over to the University of Groningen where archaeologists studied it and gave the conclusive judgment that this boat belonged to the era of 8000 BC.

The Era of 5000 BC to 3000 BC

Rafts became quite popular in this era. There have been several raft boats found by archaeologists in the regions of Egypt as well as the Indian Ocean. It is believed that these belong to 4000 BC Ancient Egypt. In Kuwait, a seagoing reed boat was also discovered which was supposedly 7000 years old. The reed boats were mainly used in the Nile River and floated very smoothly [7].

In some parts of the world, the Reed boats are still used such as in African countries where the high-end modern boats are not used. According to myths, a Reed boat named “ark of bulrushes” was the same in which baby “Moses” was set to float away. Once the first known Reed boats were discovered, famous adventurer Thor Heyerdahl set on a journey to explore further and find out more about reed boats, their types, construction materials, and capabilities in terms of weight.

It was found out that the Egyptians used to build these boats from papyrus reeds. Besides, the light skiffs were also constructed from papyrus reed stems. The purpose of these skiffs was to provide help as navigation support for reed boats. Today, in many parts of South America, the bigger reed boats are also constructed and used for entertainment and short recreational trips. These reed boats can carry about 20 passengers at a time.

Short boat

The Era of 2500 BC to 1000 AD

As the Egyptians were already heavily invested in boat making, they started to advance their boat types and designs. By 2500 BC, the Egyptians were able to make boats out of strong wood which was not only much more capable of handling sea storms but could also carry a large number of people along with their luggage. However, these boats were not too precisely built so there were several issues with them such as misbalance [8].

Besides, the Abydos boats were one of the royal ones that belong to this era. The Abydos boats were discovered in 2000 in Abydos, Egypt. They were found along with a mudbrick structure called Shunet El Zebib.  This was common in the 2nd Dynasty Pharaoh Khasekhemwy which is why it was inferred that the boats belonged to this era too. Historians believe that these boats could belong to 1800 BC.

The Abydos Boat

source: Jacques de morgan, Copyrighted free use, via Wikimedia Commons

As of 1500 BC, a new kind of sea vessel called “galley” was made by the Canaan Civilization. The galley was a bigger boat that was used for the purpose of trade initially. This big boat had a long hull while there was lesser clearance between the sea and the railing. In early times, these boats did not have the sophisticated design as we have them today. Therefore, human effort was required to sail the boat. In later times, the galley was also used for attacking the enemies. As the boat could carry great loads, a lot of manpower could be held on it [9].

Art showing Galley ship under attack
source: Aert Anthoniszoon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Era of 0010 AD to 2000 AD

The most notable advancement seen in the boating industry during the AD era was the creation of longboats. It was under the use of the Royal Navy and was considered the largest boat in the entire fleet. The Vikings were among the first ones who created the longboats. The boat was quite big and difficult to sail and handle as well. Sometimes, even more than 60 people were required to row the ship. As the name suggests, these boats were long instead of being high in their width.

The longboats became popular in the early 1000 AD and stayed quite popular among the naval forces till the 1700s. However, they were not used later due to several reasons. Firstly, the longboats or longships were not efficient. Being very big, they were not able to move at higher speeds. Besides, 60 men were required to row the boat which was quite a big number. The actual benefit that had to be derived from the boat was not much [8].

The various types of longships used in history include Karvi, Snekkja, Skeid, and Drakkar. Each one of these got its name due to the distinctive features, size, and particular purpose for which they were built.

A galley boat

The Era of 15th Century to 19th Century

The biggest changes in the boating industry took place during this era. Boat creators were having different types of ideas and improvements in the design of the boats mainly because there was a significant industrial revolution and advancements in the boating industry. The other industries also improved such as the steel and metal industry which allowed for the creation of different types of components for the boats. It was during this era, that the first motorized boat was also invented that used to run on a combustion engine.

During the 1800s, there were boats called Clippers that used to have narrow hulls but tall masts. These boats were used for the transport of individuals. Prior to the arrival of combustion engine boats, there were steam-powered boats that were built in the 1800s. These boats used coal and other types of fuel to burn. The year 1845 is considered significant because it was the one when the first boat made out of iron ran its sail. Ships that used to run on steam power were named “harsh boats” [9].

A clipper boat

Besides, the 19th century is also considered significant because the first-ever company to offer sea transport for individuals opened up. It was named “The Black Balls Line” and offered boat transport services between the United States and England. By the end of 1880, paddle boats were also made. These paddle boats are still used today in a large number of amusement parks, and rivers for traveling small distances.

The Era of 20th Century – Modern Day

Perhaps the biggest revolution in terms of the boating industry was seen in the 20th century. Although bigger advancements were made in the 21st century as well, the foundation of such advancement was made during the 1900s which is why it is considered important. 1910 was the year when the combustion engines finally started to be used on a mega scale. Before the 1900s, there were only some studies and technical experiments on combustion engines for boats, and no significant improvements had been done.

Larger ships such as The Titanic were also created during the 1900s. Sadly, this mega-ship crashed on its maiden voyage in an iceberg. Due to limited lifeboats, only a few hundred people survived while 1500 people died.

In 1955, Hovercrafts were created. These were a type of boat that used to float in the sea due to the air pressure in the cushions. The engine was used to blow air in the cushions which not only helped in maintaining the sail but also allowed for the sailing of the boat. The hovercraft was created by Christopher Cockerell. Even today, hovercrafts have become one of the most significant kinds of boats which are used for small distances. They are popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Modern-day boats

By the 1980s, large container ships became a more common mode of transportation for different types of cargo. Even today, container ships are more popular than air transport because the cost of transporting via a sea vessel is significantly cheaper than the cost of transporting via air.

Today, modern boats and ships are a big global industry and they have been produced on a large scale. Companies such as Derecktor Shipyards, Armstrong Marine USA, and Metal Shark USA are a few of the biggest companies that are producing boats in the USA. They also export to other countries. Mid-sized boats and luxury Yachts have also become quite common over the past few years and are used by the royals of many countries as well as celebrities. King Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudia Arabia is known for his collection of exclusive Yachts, which cost millions of dollars.

a modern boat

Types of Boats

Different Types of boats


Rafts are man-made vehicles used for transport over water. They are characterized by their flat structures and the fact that they are not propelled by any engine. A raft is made of buoyant materials which keep it afloat and it lacks the hull that boats have.

Paddle rafts are the first category. The structure of the raft is the same. Usually, small rafts come with two paddles, one on each side. However, rafts used for fast sports like raft racing have it a little different. In this case, each person on the raft is given their paddle.

An oar-rigged raft is the second type of raft. This raft has two oars, one on each side of the raft. Each member paddles to keep the raft moving, but a person, usually the guide, can steer the raft in the direction of his choice using the oars. This is perfect if you’re rafting with children below the ages of 12 downriver, and even with adults upriver. You can paddle away while enjoying the stability and safety your guide provides you.

While large rafts are popular with families, it is when the size decreases that the fun starts to happen. The smaller the raft size, the faster it travels across water, and the easier it is to steer it. Shorter raft sizes are popular with thrill-seekers because of their fast speeds. We recommend against their use if you’re with children, have no experience rafting in speed, or are looking for a little bit of safe, comfortable fun.

A raft

Type Of Raft



Good For

Paddle Rafts

  • Flat base

  • Flat top, or seats made from the rubber

Use two paddles for small boats, or one paddle per rider

  • Families

  • First-timers

Oar Rigged Rafts

  • Flat base

  • Two large oars fixed to a metal beam on both sides

Use one paddle per person, but the oars are used to steer the raft

  • Children

  • First-timers

Smaller Rafts

  • Smaller in size

  • No fixed seats

Use one paddle per person and allow more speed, and sharper cuts because of the small size.

  • Thrill-seekers

  • Professional rafters

Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats have two characteristic features. First, unlike a raft, the bottom of the boat isn’t flat. It is curved, and the top has a separate deck built on it. The boat also has a hull. The second feature of these boats is, of course, the pedals. In a paddleboat, there are mini paddles that you pedal with your feet to move the boat.

The efficiency of a paddleboat depends on several features. The size of its paddles and the number of blades in the paddles are two features. Good quality boats will be self-draining, so you don’t need to worry about the water accumulating in them [5].

Over the past few years, the number of registered paddleboats has increased substantially.

Number of registerd paddlecrafts in the US from 2017 to 2020

Source – Statista [11]

The US is one of the biggest markets for paddle boats. Paddlecraft owners need to register their boats just like they were to register their cars. Since 2017, there has been a positive trend seen in the case of registered paddlecrafts in the USA. In 2017, this number was at 492,420 and by the end of 2020, the number has shown a percentage rise of 13.3% and the total number of registered paddlecrafts had reached 568,466. A 13% rise in just three years indicates that the market for paddlecrafts is highly successful and would go even higher.

A paddle boat




Things to Take Care of When Buying

  • Pedals

  • No motor

  • Self-draining

  • Curved bottom

  • Slightly pointed hull(Displacement Hulls) or Rounded hulls (Planing Hulls)

2 people


4 people

Depending on weight

  • 75 kg

  • 272-400 kg

  • Buying a boat will be a self-draining feature.

  • Buy a displacement hull boat if you want faster and easier pedaling, or are thinking of going into deep waters.

  • A rounded, planing hull works for slow, casual driving.

Motor Boats

Motorboats, or speed boats, are a very popular option for people wanting to cruise around in the river, or seas. They are fast, don’t need any sort of exercise to power, and provide a comfortable riding experience. There are two broad types of motorboats in the markets, boats that come with inbuilt engines, and boats that have a motor attached to the rear. The motor attached to the rear of the boat contains the gearbox, propeller, and combustion engine.

Motorboats can vary in size and usage drastically. The smallest boats are the bass boats which are used by fishermen when they go swimming. These boats don’t have the type of seats you need for family enjoyment and have a V-shaped hull. If you’re looking for a family-sized motorboat, the bowrider might be a good option. The boat has extra seats in the front for people but doesn’t provide a lot of amenities [5].

For water sports, jet boats are the option to go with. Jet boats are fast and easy to maneuver, due to their compact size.

Number of Motorboats in USA in 2020

Source: [10]

Motorboats are one of the most popular types of boats in the USA. As of 2020, there are more than 19 million boats all over the US which have been categorized into 5 types as shown in the graph. The most popular type of motorboat in the US is the one that has a length between 16 and 25 feet. There are more than 6.4 million such boats in the US followed by under 16 feet motorboats which are about 3.94 million. The rest of the boats are bigger and more expensive which is why they aren’t that common.

A big size motorboat




  • Motor attached

  • Fast speed

  • V-shaped hull

  • Inbuilt engines

  • Motor attached on the rear   ( outer motors)

  • Bass boats

  • Bowrider

  • Jet boards

  • Convertible fishing boats

  • Cruisers

  • Deck boards

  • Houseboats

  • Cuddy cabin

Sail Boats

Sailboats make use of the wind to propel them in the water. They can be divided into two broad categories by the number of their hulls. Sailboats with a single hull are called monohulls, which are the most popular type out there. The second category is sailboats with two hulls, called catamarans. Multi-hull crafts can have any number of hulls above 3, with the common maximum being 5. Then these boats can be divided by the number of sails, with a dinghy having one sail, sloops having 2 sails, and a cutter having 3 sails.

The keels can also be used to differentiate sails boats. The keel is the base of the entire sailboat, and there are 6 different types of keels available in speed boats.  These are a full-length keel, fin keel, centerboard keel, bilge keel, bulb keel, and wing keel [3].

Number of Registered Sailboats in USA

Source: [12]

Unlike paddle boats, the number of registered sailboats has shown a negative trend in the USA over the past 4 years. By the start of 2017, the number of registered sailboats in the USA was 102,878 and showed a slight decline in 2018 when it got to 102,360. However, by the end of 2020, the number was at 94,500 only. This could be mainly because of the COVID-19 restrictions due to which many beaches were not open and social distancing practices were at their peak. It is expected that this number could increase in the future.

A sailboat


Number of Hulls

Number of Sails

Types of Keels

Propelled by the wind dragging the sails

No engine

Multiple hulls, sails, and keels

1 hull-mono-hull

2 hulls- catamaran

3-5 hulls multihull

Dinghy- 1 sail

Sloops- 2 sails

Cutters- 3 sails

There are more examples of sailboats with any number of sails

full-length keel

fin keel

centerboard keel

bilge heel

bulb heel

wing heel

Ski and Wakeboard Boats

Ski and wakeboards are made especially for skiing and other such water sports. These boats not only feature an extremely strong and fast engine but also have towers that support water sports. For example, this tower is where the rope is tied, which is connected to the person water skating, or water skating behind the boat.

The best of these wakeboard boats feature seating arrangements for whole families and provide all the facilities you would need[6].

A wakeboard boat

Features Advantages
Hollow hull angle at the back of the boat

The engine is at the center of the boat

Direct drive transmission

Small and narrow in size and width

Minimal propeller turbulence

20-40 mph ideal speed

Provide flat wake for the skier

Minimal turbulence so very safe for the skier

They run at a level attitude which helps the skier to maintain balance

Provide towers the skier can be attached to with a rope

Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is a flatboat that stays above water with the help of floats. These floats, also called pontoons are responsible for the name and provide a lot of buoyancy, which makes the boats able to hold several people.

Not just this, pontoon boats are family boats and feature large decks, sun pads, and even a bar for drinks. The number, and size of the pontoons vary between boats. The larger the pontoon of the boat, the more weight it can bear. These boats are either catamarans, meaning they have two hulls, or multi-hull boats, with about 3 hulls. These feature an engine used to power them, and this engine can go up to extremely fast speeds making these boats allow for water sports too[6].

A pontoon boat

Features Advantages
Multiple pontoons to stay afloat

Use both onboard and outboard motors but outboard motors are more common

Sun pads

Large docks

Bars and other amenities

Perfect for family recreational activities

Large decks allow you to hold large gatherings

Their fast speed allows them to be used as a boat for water sports too

All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Boats

Name of Boat



Types of Boats




Easy to ride

Provides you with good exercise

Perfect for fun with friends and family

Oar rigged rafts allow you to get special help from the guide

Multiple sizes make them usable for multiple sports

Cannot be used in deep water

Is always at risk of capsizing

Can deflate very easily

Need a lot of strength to row the paddles

Paddle rafts

Oar rigged rafts

Smaller rafts

$80 – $150

Paddle Boats

Hands-free, so you can do other things with your hands

No fuel or maintenance required

Self-draining so you don’t need to worry about standing water

Easy docking

No chance of sinking, or capsizing

Comparatively cheaper than other boats

Cannot reach or maintain very high speeds

Cannot go in very deep waters

Boats with a displacement hull


Boats with planing hulls

$1500 and above

Motor Boats

Can reach high speed

Can go into deep water

Can be used for fishing

Can be used for water sports

Require no effort for rowing or pedaling

Comfortable ride

Require fuel for the motor to run

If the motor breaks down, cannot be moved by oars, or dragged by another boat because they are heavy

Require regular maintenance

Very pricey

Bass boats


Jet boards

Convertible fishing boats


Deck boards


Cuddy cabin

Can go from 5'000 to hundred thousand, and even millions of dollars

Sail Boats

Make use of wind to move so no fuel expense

Lots of sailboats races are taking place

Comparatively cheaper

Can be capsized due to heavy winds

Not everybody can use a sailboat- you need to know how to use the sail

Unable to move if there are no heavy winds.

Sailing dinghies

Day cruisers

Sailing cruisers

Racing sailboats

Bluewater cruising sailboats


Starts from $10’000

Ski Boats

Perfect for water sports

Maintain level altitude

Create very little turbulence

Reach very high speeds

Their specific build doesn’t allow them to be used for any other purpose

Very costly

There are a lot of good brands producing top quality ski boats


Pontoon Boards

Able to bear a lot of weight

Large capacity allows you to hold parties

Can be used for fishing

Can be used for water sports

Require fuel for the motor

The pontoon may burst due to anything under the water

The motor may break down

Bar Boat

Fishing pontoon

Twin Engines pontoon

Rear Lounge pontoon

Quad seating pontoon

Arch models

Triple tube pontoons

Mini start from $7000, and can go up

Boats in Numbers

US Leisure Boat Market

US Leisure boat market

Source – [20]

The graph shows that the US Leisure boat market is in constant growth over the past few years. The average yearly growth in the sector is 3% per annum based on which the following graph has been made. As of 2018, the US Boat market was valued at $10.6 billion which is expected to rise by 4 billion by the year 2028. The leisure boat market includes all those boats that are bought for recreation and entertainment but not for any type of commercial usage.

US Yacht Market Size

Source – [19]

The US Yacht Market is smaller than the US Leisure Boat market but both of them are showing a rise. The Yachts are bigger boats which have better facilities equipped in them such as proper rooms, furniture, state-of-the-art engines, pools, and a wide range of other facilities as well. Since they are quite expensive, they are only afforded by the elite. As a result of this, the total market size is small. As of 2017, the market size is $1.9 billion but it is expected to reach $2.95 billion by 2026.

People Interested in Boating

Boating Industry

Source – [14]

From the statistics, it has been seen that the age group of 30 to 49 years has the most interest in boating. They account for almost 41.6% of the boating industry. This implies that youngsters and the elderly are not too interested in boating as they account for 37.4% and 21%, respectively. This graph shows the data from the United States only.

Number of boats involved in recreational boating accidents in U.S. 2020   

Number of boats involved in recreational boating accidents

Source – [16]

Although boating is a big industry in the United States, there are significant accidents that may take place if the boat riders are not very careful. The graph shows that open motorboats and personal watercraft are two of the most important boats that have caused over 5000 accidents alone in the United States. One reason for this is that open motorboats have the tendency to go at high speeds which can sometimes be uncontrollable especially if the water waves are also at high speeds. Other types of boats had very few accidents which is why they can be considered safer.

Number of deaths directly linked to boating accidents in the U.S. from 2010 to 2020

Number of deaths directly linked to boating accidents

Source: [18]

The USA is among those countries where there has been a death-by-boating-accident rate. Despite the fact that the number has stayed constant with minor fluctuations in 10 years, it still shows that the boating industry requires better safety standards. As of 2010, the number of deaths directly related to boating accidents was 672 while this number increased to 767 in 2020.

Top Boat Sports


Sailing Sports

Sailing boats make use of large sails made of high-quality material that is used to push the boats using the pressure of the air. These boats may be very basic, but they can cost a pretty penny. While motorboats have gained a lot of popularity over the years, sailing games, and competitions have kept sailing boats alive.

Today, multiple sailing competitions are held to celebrate sailing as a sport and to give its talented athletes a chance to showcase their skills. These sailing competitions are arranged by different clubs throughout the world and can vary in levels of competitiveness. These competitions can be held between members of a fleet, big sailing boats with teams astride, or small boats with single competitors on them.

Sailing boat aerial view

Jet Skiing

In jet skiing, competitors compete against each other to get to the finish line first, all the while driving a jet ski. This is very similar to powerboat racing, but unlike the boat, a Jet Ski can allow two people at most. The ski is driven like a motorbike and cuts through water at an extremely fast speed.

Jet skiing is very popular at beaches, or on holiday retreats for tourists to have a little fun in the water. However, jet skiing at a competitive level also exists and is very popular in Australia and America.

The races are divided into classes, depending on the rider’s experience level, the Jet Ski they are using, its engine capacity, their age, and other such features. All the athletes attending are required to wear full protective gear, which includes a helmet, full-body suits, gloves, pads, and other required gear.

Jet ski


A canoe is a longboat with broad middle and narrow ends. It can seat anywhere from one person to a group of people. Riding the canoe was a means of transportation for ancient people, but was introduced back to the world as a recreational sport in the 19th century.

Canoeing further gained strength and popularity, when different canoeing clubs and associations from Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden came together to form the Internationalen Representation for Kanusport. This organization would later go on to become the International Canoe Federation. Canoeing competitions are conducted throughout the world, and canoeing is even part of the summer Olympics. It was introduced to the Olympics in the summer of 1936.

Canoe boat


While most people believe kayaks and canoes are the same things, they have differences between them. Both boats have wide middles and narrow ends, but the ends of a kayak are more pointed and comparatively narrower. This is because the kayak is made for one single person, and the sharp ends allow it to make clean turns. Due to the narrower design, the kayak is lighter than a canoe and thus can gain a faster speed.

Kayaking is similar to canoeing in the sense that both boats are used to race. However, the method for paddling the two is a little different. While canoes work best in river rapids, kayaks can gain high speeds in still water too.



In rafting, the riders take a raft and ride it through water bodies. The raft is powered manually using paddles which are used to push water behind the raft. These rafts are usually inflatable, although rafts made of wood, or any other material can also be used. However, the base of the raft should be flat, as this is what separates a raft from the boat[10].

Rafts are made of plastic and rubber, with plastics like PVC or urethane being the better option. These are infused with Kevlar, and nylon which gives the plastic a lot of strength. The paddles are made of a variety of materials, with most of them being layered. Layered wood, plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber are some very common choices.


Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is extremely popular in China and originates from the Pearl River Delta region of the Guangdong Province. The racing is done on large boats made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other materials, which are often decorated to look like a dragon. This is what gives the sport its name[10].

The watersport has been a part of Chinese culture since ancient times, however, it was introduced as a watersport to the world in Hong Kong in 1976. Today, dragon boat racing is held throughout China and a dragon boat festival is a national holiday.

Dragon boat racing

Famous Boating Spots in the USA

San Francisco

The USA has some of the top boating spots in the world and San Francisco has seemed to take the lead in this race. San Francisco has several beaches including Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, and China Beach. There are several other beaches as well and you can boat on quite a few of them. With its calm waters and strong winds, the San Francisco waters become the perfect riding spot for beginners as well as the rough riders who just want higher speeds.

Over the past few years, San Francisco Bay has also become quite important for people who want to go in for fishing. Tourists can hire different types of boats as per their preferences such as motorboats, rafts, or paddle boats [4].

Boat maintenance

Isle Royale National Park

Another great point to enjoy boating with friends and family is the Isle Royale National Park located in Michigan. Personal watercraft and boats are not allowed which means people who have their boats won’t like this spot a lot. However, considering the scenic beauty and the beautiful waters, this is a spot that no one should be missing. Jet Skis and Waverunners are strictly prohibited so you may not find them in the park.

Moreover, even motorboats are prohibited. You would only be able to enjoy it on the simpler boats. For all the classic fans, this place would be a great way to spend some time in the waters. You can even stay here for the night[4].

Aerial view of a boat


Newport, located in Rhode Island, is a great spot for all boat lovers. The waters over here are brightly-colored and the temperatures here exceed 70 degrees. Several types of fish are also in these waters so you can enjoy them. As there are many beaches in Newport, Rhode Island, one can always find a place to boat around. There are several boat clubs as well such as Sailing Excursions and Boat NPT.

The boat clubs allow you to hire different types of boats on an hourly basis. Tourists and locals would both enjoy this spot. Newport is so popular for boating that it is called one of the “sailing capitals of the world”.[4]


Florida is known for entertaining some of the violent storms in the USA. You don’t have to worry as that time comes around once a year as well. The rest of the year, Florida is considered one of the best places to boat in the USA. As Florida is too big, there are several boating spots and hubs. The eastern Florida beach is known as the center for fishing. There are various types of fish such as Tarpon, Red Drum, Snook Fish, Panfish, and Grouper[4].

On the other hand, North Florida is also considered one of the fancy boating spots in the USA. Tampa Bay is present here which is entertainment for paddleboat lovers, kayakers, and fishermen as well. You can rent different types of boats in this area. Besides, there are clubs over here as well if you want to learn more about boating.

Luxurious motorboat

Top 20 Interesting Facts About Boats

1. According to some research, Americans own more than 18 million boats and the number keeps growing by 3% per year approximately.

2. An unfortunate yacht fell onto its one side after all the passengers moved to one side to have a clear view of the nudist beach in Texas.

3. The major difference between a boat and a ship is in terms of weight. A boat weighs less than 500 tons while a ship weighs 500 tons or more.

4. There has been a big Russian cruise ship that has been deserted in the open waters since 2013. There are no people in it and it is just floating as it is at a very slow speed.

5. If you whistle on a boat, it is considered a sign of bad luck and supposedly brings high-speed winds to the boat’s journey.

6. A great myth about boats is that if there are bananas on board, it is going to bring bad luck. This belief has historical context dating back to the 1700s when many of the boats were getting lost at sea and it was allegedly blamed that this happened because of bananas on boats[2].

7. There was a man who got a second chance at life after being saved from a sinking shape in 1871. However, he was unlucky and sank in the Titanic accident about 41 years later.

8. In the times of World War II, a dutch ship was disguised that showed itself to be an island from a far distance. Fortunately, the ship survived as it stayed undetected for a long time.

9. US Airways Flight 1549 had a water landing on January 15, 2009. By the time help arrived, the plane acted as a mini boat as many passengers rested themselves on the wings of the plane as it floated on the Hudson River.

10. Azzam is the name of the world’s longest yacht as it is 179.7 meters in length. The mega-yacht was built in 2013 and cost millions of dollars and it is currently under the ownership of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi.

A container ship

11. Boats are considered to have an average life of about 30 to 40 years depending upon their material type.

12. The word “Quarantine” came from boats. The word means “40” in Latin and was used to refer to the number of days a ship had to wait at the dock because of a plague outbreak.

13. In Egyptian culture, there had been a concept of Funeral boats. These boats supposedly carried the dead people to the afterlife. Some pharaohs have boats buried with them as well.

14. According to one myth, having people with red hair on board brings bad luck. The myth has been quite an odd one. This is because in case a sailor met a redhead person, he had to speak to the redhead first so that the risk of bad luck is no longer there[2].

15. Changing a ship’s name once it has been named and christened also brings bad luck. This is why boats are never renamed.

16. The fastest boat is named “Spirit of Australia”. It was built in 1978 and could reach the maximum speed of 317 miles per hour mainly because of the flat bottom which allowed it to reach high speeds[1].

17. Currently, the largest ship in the world is called Seawise Giant and has an overall length of 458 meters.

18. The smallest boat in the world measures 0.03mm only and can sail down the inside of a human hair.

19. The Suez Canal is one of the most used sea routes for ships and boats. In 2020, about 19,000 ships used the Suez canal for transit purposes.

20. Vasa is a ship that sank in 1628 and was recovered 3 centuries later in 1961. The surprising part about this ship was that it was in perfect condition with no damage at all[1].


Boats have a lot of varieties all over the USA. People usually start by getting a small paddle boat or a small motorboat depending upon their usage as well as their budget. If you are planning to get yourself a boat, find out your nearest boating club first and see what they have to offer. They will usually provide you with a better recommendation on the type of boat you should buy based on the waters.


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