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Auto racing has been popular among people of all ages. Youngsters enjoy it as much as the elders do. After all, it brings a great adrenaline rush and excitement to see different drivers competing against one another. The auto racing industry has ranged from all sorts of cars including muscle cars to top-of-the-line Formula 1 cars. Over the years, auto racing has become an international-scale sport and many competitions are held every year. As a result of this, auto racing has become a huge industry of its own. We can evaluate that by analyzing auto racing in the form of graphs.

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Manufacturers with the Most Wins in Formula 1 Racing

Manufacturers with the Most Wins in Formula 1

Formula 1 is one of the most popular forms of auto racing. Many top automobile manufacturers of the world participate in the Formula 1 race every year. Besides, other companies such as RedBull also sponsor Formula 1 races as well as take an active part in them. Among the manufacturers with the most Formula 1 wins, Ferrari comes on top with 238 wins followed by McLaren which has 183 wins. Mercedes-Benz and Williams are in close competition with 121 wins and 114 wins, respectively. All other companies have less than 100 wins which include Team Lotus, Red Bull, Brabham, Renault, Benetton, and Tyrell. 

Drivers with Most Grand Prix Wins

Drivers with the Most Grand Prix Wins

Grand Prix is one of the most frequent and popular races of Formula 1 cars in which 20 cars participate in one race which may be extended to 26 cars in case of a major championship. There has been a tough competition among the racers but currently, Lewis Hamilton is on top with 100 Grand Prix wins followed by Micheal Schumaker with 91 wins. Sebastian Vettel is third with 53 wins followed closely by Alain Prost with 51 wins. All others have less than 50 wins which include Ayrton Senna, Fernando Alonso, Nigel Mansell, Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, and Niki Lauda. 

Manufacturers with most wins in Nascar

Manufacturers with the Most Wins in NASCAR

Nascar auto racing is also a popular racing league. Although it is conventional and not followed as much as Formula 1, it still has enough fans to keep the racing surviving. However, this is quite a dominated race by Chevrolet as it has over 71 wins in Nascar racing while all other companies have less than 25 wins. Other manufacturers participating in Nascar include Ford with 23 wins, Toyota with 18 wins, Buick, Dodge, and Pontiac each with 5 wins. Hudon and Oldsmobile have 3 wins each. Plymouth has 1 win while Chrysler and Mercury have not won a race till now. 

Drivers with Most Wins in Nascar

Drivers with the Most Wins in NASCAR

While we do know that Chevrolet is among the top manufacturers that has won most races in Nascar, the real credit goes to the drivers. This is because it’s actually the drivers whose precise driving techniques lead to victorious results. The top drivers of Nascar include Richard Petty who has accomplished a milestone of 200 wins. David Pearson is far behind with 105 wins followed by Jeff Gordon at 93 wins. Bobby Allison and Darell Waltrip are having a bottleneck competition with 84 wins each. Jammie Johnson and Cale Yarborough also have a close competition with 83 wins each. Further racers in this list include Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Busch, and Kevin Harvick. 

Manufacturers with most wins in 24 hours of Le Mans

Manufacturers with the Most Wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The most tiresome and unique form of auto racing is the 24 hours of Le Man’s race which is focused on sports car racing in the town of Le Mans, France. The cars have to travel the greatest distance in 24 hours to win the race which makes it quite critical to have the car balanced with performance and the ability to sustain 24 hours of drive in one go. Among the manufacturers with top wins, Porsche comes first with 19 wins followed by Audi with 13 wins and Ferrari with 9 wins. Jaguar and Bentley have 7 and 6 wins each, respectively. Alfa Romeo, Ford, and Toyota have a tough competition amongst them because each of them has 3 wins. Matra-Simca and Peugeot have 3 wins each. 

Drivers with Most Wins in 24 Hours of Le Mans 

Drivers with the Most Wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans

It takes great skill, patience, and dedication to drive for 24 hours with complete focus to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race. This courage has been shown by many drivers in the past few years. On top of this list is Tom Kristensen with 8 wins followed by Jacky Ickx with 6 wins. The next three contestants have 5 wins each which includes Derek Bell, Frank Biela, and Emanuelle Pirro. Yannick Dalmas, Olivier Gendebein, and Henri Pescarolo have 4 wins each. 

Car Manufacturers with Most Wins in Indianapolis 500

Car Manufacturers with the Most Wins in the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most exclusive races of the world which takes place in Indiana every year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The number 500 represents the number of miles that have to be covered in this race. Dallara is the company that has the most wins in the Indianapolis 500 with 21 wins. The remaining companies have less than 10 wins. Second, there is Penske which has 7 wins. Miller and AJ Watson have 6 wins each while Kurtis Kraft and March have 5 wins each. Duessenberg, Wetteroth, and Panoz are last with 4 wins each. 

Engine Manufacturers with Most Wins in Indianapolis 500

Engine Manufacturers with the Most Win in the Indianapolis 500

While the car bodies are manufactured by some other company, the engines are usually manufactured by some other company that has specialist expertise in performance engines. Offenhauser is the engine manufacturer which has 27 wins. Other companies have half the wings of Offenhauser. Honda has 14 wins, Miller has 12 wins, and Chevrolet has 11 wins. The remaining top winners in this list include Cosworth, Ford, Oldsmobile, Duesenberg, and Peugeot. 

Drivers with Most Wins in Indianapolis 500

Drivers with the Most Wins in the Indianapolis 500

Car manufacturers and engine manufacturers are highly dependent on the drivers to get the desired results and maximum wins as well. However, there has been tough competition among the drivers where the top drivers have a winning gap of just one race from their competitors. Helio Castroneves, A.J. Foyt, Rick Mears, and Al Unser each have 4 wins in the Indianapolis 500. The next six contestants which include Dario Franchitti, Louis Meyer, Mauri Rose, Johnny Rutherford, Wilbur Shaw, and Bobby Unser each have 3 wins. 

Manufacturers with Most wins in Monaco Grand Prix

Manufacturers with the Most Wins in The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix event has been one of the most important ones as many top drivers and car manufacturers actively take part in it. The competition is usually quite intense which makes it interesting too. In the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren has 15 wins and Ferrari has 10 wins. Mercedes-Benz is in third with 8 wins and Lotus has 7 wins. BRM and Red Bull are standing side-by-side with 5 wins each. Bugatti falls a little behind with 4 wins. Other companies such as Alfa Romeo, Cooper, Maserati, Tyrrell, and Williams each have 3 wins. 

Drivers with Most Wins in Monaco Grand Prix

Drivers with the Most Wins in the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is an event that excites many but most importantly, it creates an adrenaline rush for the drivers. With months of effort, the drivers compete against one another for the pole position. Ayrton Senna has been on top of the Grand Prix with 6 wins while Graham Hill and Micheal Schumaker fall behind with just 1 race and have 5 wins each. Alain Prost has 4 wins in the Monaco Grand Prix. Strilling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Nico Rosberg, and Lewis Hamilton each have 3 wins in the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Total Formula 1 TV Viewership From 2008 and 2020

Total Formula 1 TV Viewership from 2008 to 2020

Formula 1 is one of the most-watched auto racings in the world. It is streamed on multiple channels and even on the internet. In 2008, 600 million people watched Formula 1. However, there was a major drop in the TV viewership in the subsequent years. One of the reasons could be the global recession which caused less interest in people in television. The number kept declining until 2017 when it reached the lowest viewership of about 352 million people. A rise was then seen and as of 2020, the total Formula 1 TV Viewership has returned to 433 million people. 

Total Nascar Daytona 500 TV Viewership From 2001 to 2021

Total NASCAR Daytona 500 TV Viewership from 2001 to 2021

While Formula 1 is popular on TV, the Nascar Daytona 500 is also having a good viewership. However, this figure is not as high as Formula 1 primarily because Daytona 500 cars are considered conventional with modified engines. Opposingly, Formula 1 cars are up to date with modern technology and sporty designs as well. In 2001, 17.1 million viewers watched the Nascar Daytona 500 from their television. This figure reached the peak in 2006 when there were 19.4 million viewers. It then kept on declining and as of 2021, only 4.8 million people watched the Daytona 500 on their television. 

Total Indianapolis 500 TV Viewership From 2001 to 2020

Total Indianapolis 500 TV Viewership from 2001 to 2020

Lastly, the viewership of the Indianapolis 500 has also been quite similar to the Daytona 500. Again, the reason could be similar too. The Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 are not as liked by the millennials as it was by the people born in the 1980s. The trends have changed significantly. In 2001, 8.6 million people watched the Indianapolis 500 on television. The most viewers were identified in 2005 as the number got to 9.7 million. From that time, it has been on a constant decline and reached an all-time low of 3.7 million people in 2020.


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