Biggest eSports Games by the Amount of Prize Infographic


The phrase “competitive gaming at a professional level” is referred to as “eSports,” and the top esports players are frequently among the best in the world at their particular sport. The idea of having professional video game players who make a career through competition similar to traditional sports is undoubtedly novel, at least in the western world. Competitive gaming is by no means a new concept.

Over the past ten years, gaming and the eSports industry as a whole have advanced significantly. The popularity of eSports has skyrocketed from being a hobby to being included as an athletic event in the Asian Games. These occasions draw tens of thousands of spectators and watchers and are always entertaining to see. With more competitions being organized globally since the 2010s, the number of players competing in eSports events is rising quickly.

Despite the fact that the eSports market is expanding and new games are released every other year, some games are more well-known and dominate the scene than others.There are many ways to refer to the most well-known eSports games while discussing them. Some are more well-liked internationally, while others are more well-liked in certain areas. There may be more participants in some, better tournaments, and larger prize pools in others.For instance, Dota 2 has the highest prize money ever given out among the different eSports games, totaling $224.7 million. It is a well-known eSports game with a multiplayer battle arena that was created by Valve Corporation. North America and Europe are where it is most well-liked.

If you are curious about all things eSports, you can read eSports by the Numbers. But before that, you can first check out the infographic below to see the biggest eSports games by the amount of prize:

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