Texas by the Numbers Graphs

austin skyline

Texas is a state in the South Central region of the US and is the second-largest state in the country. The state covers an area of 268,596 square miles with more than 29 million people residing in it. Texas is known for the variety in the landscape as well as the culture …

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The Ancient Greeks By the Numbers Graphs


The ancient Greeks are one of the oldest known human civilizations to mankind. These people have left many archaeological artifacts behind which have led the researchers to discover more about this civilization. Ancient Greeks expanded so much that they ruled the majority parts of Europe and Western Asia, mainly during the rule …

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Deep Dive into America’s Love of Hobbies Graphs


Hobbies can be a great way to kill time and get out of boredom. Different people enjoy different hobbies. America is one country where people love to spend their free time on different types of hobbies. For this reason, the market for creatives, arts, toys, and leisure is quite huge in America. …

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The Changing Size of the American Household Graphs


America has a population of 329.5 million as of 2020. However, this figure has constantly grown and evolved in the past 20 years. Multiple cultures, ethnicities, and immigrants from the different types of American households. For this reason, we can see that there is a changing size of American households over the …

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Learn About the Amazing History of the Russian Czars Graphs


Russian rulers were once known as Czars taken from the word “Caesar”. Russian Czars have a great history and have reigned over Russia for several centuries. Many Czars had different types of fights and wars held with other states as well. The title of Czar, however, was retained by the most elite …

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Aborigines Graphs


Aborigines are the indigenous people who have lived around the Australian mainland as well as the different neighboring lands. Aborigines have their unique ethics and cultures and also carry a separate governmental status in a few ways. Islands at which The Aborigines are actively found include Tasmania, Fraser Island, Tiwi Island, Groote …

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Explosion of the Written Word Graphs


Writing may feel like an age-old thing nowadays but once it was quite popular among different civilizations. From Mesopotamia to modern pens, writing developed and improved significantly until it was replaced by keyboards and hand-held devices which could perform the task of noting down different things. However, even today, writing has a …

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Electrocardiograms Graphs


An electrocardiogram is a medical device that records the different types of electrical signals in the human heart. It is also used to keep a constant check on the human heart signals when they are under observation. They can be used to detect heart problems and see if there are any abnormalities. …

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Software As A Service Graphs


The role of software in the modern era has increased exponentially. No matter if it is personal work, office work, education, manufacturing, or any other industry, each of them is using some form of software as a service application. These applications not only make the work easier but also make an organization …

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