What’s for Breakfast? Graphs

A modern-day breakfast

Breakfast is essential to have in a day, skipping which may cause a decrease in concentration levels, diabetes, weight gain, and cardiac health issues. Skipping breakfast can lead to a higher chance of consuming sugary foods, which may cause obesity. Several studies have proven that eating breakfast has many health benefits. In …

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Vacationing in America Graphs

Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the most poetic ways to explain the spirit of vacations is to find joy in being lost. Of course, lost does not literally mean finding your way around, as all of us now have Google maps for navigating even in the remotest areas. Exploring new places opens up new …

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The Amazing Vaccine Graphs


As we all know, vaccines are important for reducing the risk of diseases by strengthening your immune system. When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds. There are many vaccines out there that have helped us fight against more than twenty potentially fatal diseases. They have allowed people of all ages …

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The Space Shuttle By the Numbers Graphs

Space launch system taking off

The advancement in technology has allowed humans to reach outer space and explore cosmic objects and planets. This has led to a substantial increase in the organizations working to explore space as well as the cost of research and development in this sector. Different types of space shuttles are used for that …

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Sugar – It’s Not Just Something Sweet Graphs


The world is full of amazing delicacies, particularly sweets. No matter if it’s juice, dessert, or anything else, the need for sugar is essential in many industries of the world. This is why sugar is produced at a mass scale. Although many argue that processed sugar is somewhat harmful to us, it …

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All about Drones Graphs

Ryan-Model 147

Drones have become an increasingly popular activity over the past many years. Drone enthusiasts are not only the young ones but even the adults have become interested in this hobby. This is because professional drones have also made their way into the markets. This makes it a huge industry in the US …

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All About Berries Charts and Graphs

Seasonal berries in lunchboxes

Berries – The name itself is enough to give you the major cravings of this amazing fruit. Berries are not only consumed as a fruit directly but also used in a variety of desserts such as cakes, pastries, shakes, and much more. Needless to say, the world is crazy about berries. However, …

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Americans Love Their Boats Graphs


America is one country that is surrounded by water from everywhere. Some of the biggest states are near the ocean which is why people living in these areas have specific interests in boating as well. Besides, people also come from other places to have recreational boating experiences. It is also played as …

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