Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Aborigines

an Aboriginal culture show in Australia

Background The first people in Australia are referred to as Aboriginal Australians. They have lived for more than 50,000 years. They can be divided into two groups. One is the Aboriginal peoples, who are related to those who already lived in Australia when Britain started colonizing the island in 1788. The other …

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Learn About the Amazing History of the Russian Czars

a wedding of a Russian czar

Background Russia is among the most powerful and influential countries in the world today. But did you know that around 400 years ago, the modern nation we know today did not exist? Instead, lots of Russian territories dotted the landscape during the middle ages. It was a perilous time for the Russian …

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The Amazing History and Impact of Chinese Dynasties


The Chinese empire is among the world’s most resilient historical empires. Various dynasties—family groups that governed the empire—rose and fell throughout its long history. A dynasty is a period during which a certain family dominated. [1] Single dynastic families frequently ruled for hundreds of years until being deposed by another great dynasty. …

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American Education By The Numbers

Generation Z learners who have access to portable electronic gadgets at an early age

BACKGROUND The American education system remains a source of envy to the rest of the world. With its diversity and excellence, the American education system attracts students and visitors from all corners of the globe. The U.S. education system has also become a model system for the rest of educational development in …

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Genghis Khan by the Numbers

statue of Genghis Khan with the sky in the background

Historical accounts can only speak of the warlord’s trails of atrocities and massive scale of unprecedented destruction in his quest to conquer his adversaries. Regardless, Mongolians consider Genghis Khan their universal ruler – a person destined to be one of the greatest warlords ever lived. Genghis Khan did not only rise to …

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Exploring the Philippine-American War

Philippine American War

Background The Philippines is widely known for its tropical islands and rich culture influenced by foreign countries. One country that significantly impacted Philippine culture is the United States, which reigned during the early 20th century. The American conquest has been one of the most well-known events in Philippine history – popularly known …

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Roman Caesars and Their Impact on the World

Roman-Caesars-and-Their Impact on the World

Caesar is a title with imperial connotations. It is derived from the Roman dictator Julius Caesar’s cognomen. Following the fall of the Julio-Claudians, the title of Caesar, the ancestral name, became synonymous with the heir to the throne (who could trace some semblance of familial connection to Caesar, the dictator). Vespasian created …

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Impressionist Painters By The Numbers

Paris Street impressionist painting

Impressionism is a 19th-century artistic movement characterized by relatively thin and small but visible strokes. Open composition, an emphasis on the precise representation of light in changing qualities, often accentuates the effects of the time. On the other hand, unusual visual angles and ordinary themes are the inclusion of the impressionist movement. …

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