Timeline of the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Timeline of the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence may be defined in various ways, such as self-awareness, reasoning capability, comprehension, learning capacity, critical thinking, etc. Additionally, there are other subtypes of intelligence, including social and academic intelligence.  Because of this, defining intelligence is difficult and may cause controversy. Having a higher-than-average capacity for cognition is often seen as being …

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Deep Dive Into Understanding Car Crash Ratings

a car crashing to the wall

Background When buying a car, there are many things to consider, such as the brand, model, type of transmission, price, and many other features. However, aside from looking into what a car or vehicle looks like and the cool features it offers, another important thing to consider when choosing a car is …

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Evolution of the Modern Sewage System

The modern sewage system is one of the most important technologies that we have in the current era, as it is responsible for collecting and treating the wastewater that we produce every day. In fact, almost all bathrooms and kitchen sinks are connected to a modern sewage system. Before the creation of …

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What are the Core Materials Used to Make a Car?

Core Materials Used to Make a Car

Background Cars are part of our everyday life, whether driving by ourselves, seeing them on the roads, or riding one as a passenger. While most often ask about them including how fast they can be, what are their limits, and how much they cost, only a few wonder: “What are cars actually …

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The Rise and Fall of MySpace

MySpace logo

The rise of various social networking sites during these years allowed individuals from all over the world to establish a connection with the greater population. Apart from what is well-known today, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people from earlier generations could experience one of the earliest social platforms available for public …

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The World’s Impact Craters Mapped

Background The universe is an incredibly big, scary place – filled with bolting comets and asteroids, large planets, gigantic stars, powerful black holes, and enormous quasars. While the layers of the atmosphere safeguard the Earth, giant rocks from space were able to whiz through that protective blanket and hit our planet’s surface. …

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The Electrical Grid – An Amazing Wonder

Electricity is regarded by many to be one of the most important things that we should have in order to survive, as it is responsible for giving light, air, warmth, and safety to our homes. Without electricity, many of us today would struggle to survive, as we have already become accustomed to …

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Interesting Facts and Statistics about Medical Surgeries

Many of the severe illnesses or diseases that humans can suffer from today can be fixed or solved by surgeries. Without surgeries, the life expectancy of humans on Earth would still be quite short, so it could be said that the medical advancements that we now benefit from today are one of …

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The Evolution of the Mobile Phone Market

man looking at mobile phones in a store

Background In a relatively short amount of time, mobile phones have become incredibly advanced. At the present time, most people can’t seem to live without their mobile phones, even just for a day. Also, the possibilities for the future are seemingly endless because of the advancements in technology. Today, the mobile phone …

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