Visualized – The Ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin

Stalin was an influential figure who played a key role in the Bolshevik Revolution from 1917 to 1921, rising to power as Russia’s General Secretary of the Communist Party and becoming a Soviet dictator after Vladimir Lenin’s death. He had ruled the lives of Soviet citizens for 30 years by 1953. [1] …

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Visualizing the Oldest Active Monarchies in The World

British monarch

History Monarchy is a type of governance in which executive power is vested in a single person, who normally rules for life. Typically, monarchies are hereditary, meaning that the position is passed down from one generation to the next. While the history of democracy as a form of governance begins in ancient …

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How to Visualize Cubic Feet (and Meters)

Background Measuring areas and items is a part of interior design, building, and other professional and personal tasks. In addition to knowing the square footage of spaces and certain objects, another way to measure them is by knowing their volume or the amount of three-dimensional space that an object takes up. Most …

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Visualizing the Expansion of Amazon Businesses

Amazon logo displayed on a smartphone

Amazon is one of, if not the most popular online store today, as many people around the world know about Amazon and have actually bought something from the company’s web store. Its popularity is attributed to how well it has marketed its brand over the years, and the company’s numerous expansions and …

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How to Visualize Square Feet (and Meters)

a person measuring the floor using a tape measure

Background When looking for a home, office space, or business space to purchase or rent, one of the first and most important things that most of us consider is the size of the space. It’s because, for example, if you are looking to start a family and searching for a house to …

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How to Visualize Land Size

an aerial view of land plots

Background The size of the land is among the major concerns when considering purchasing a property. In addition to that, knowing the land size is essential for those who are planning to construct buildings, either residential or commercial. Land measurement is the process of getting the exact co-ordinate of a piece of …

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How to Visualize the Population / People on Earth

Background Our planet today has more than 7.9 billion people. In the next 25 years, it may have over 10 billion. The world could have way more by the end of the century, or it could start shrinking. With the many expert predictions out there, it all depends. However, it is pretty …

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How to Visualize the Size of the Planet Earth

the planet Earth from the space

Background Planet Earth, our home, is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth-largest planet in the solar system. Many scientists are still hunting for clues about life beyond Earth, but our home planet remains the only place in the universe where they have identified living organisms. [1] Earth is a …

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Visualizing Crowd Sizes

crowd of people on the street

Background When planning an event in a certain venue, designing a building, or conceptualizing a product, it is always important to consider the number of people that will be involved. These are the times when crowd size visualization may come in handy. In general, a crowd is defined as a group of …

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Visualizing the Number One Billion

spelling the word “billion” using wooden letter blocks

Background For most people, counting is basic knowledge but also a very important one. It is a skill that we use for everyday tasks. We count our money when we buy something, we count the days, weeks, and months, and we even count the time. But did you know that in the …

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