Cattle Byproducts Infographic

Cattle are one of the most popular and prized farm animals around the globe. They provide humans with a lot of things that have probably helped our survival; milk, labor, meat, etc. Other than the usual products from animals, there are also several by-products from cattle that we utilize in our daily lives. While some people might be against the domestication and use of animals such as cattle, there’s also the fact that cattle are an important source of income and employment for many people. If we look at the numbers in the industry, there are more than 1 billion cattle all over the world. 

If we look at the cattle industry, there is so much that we get from cows, bulls, buffaloes, and other animals that fall under this category. Along with the food items, there are also the hooves, bones, horns, fat, hides, meat tendons, and internal organs to consider. Some of these are used in products such as cleaning supplies or consumed as a delicacy in certain cultures. After processing, some of the byproducts come in handy for animal feed, fuel, chemical uses, or fertilizer. In fact, some researchers are looking at cattle byproducts for the purpose of finding ingredients that will help in the medicine, nutrition, and cosmetic industries among many others. Let’s now have a look at what kinds of items include cattle byproducts:

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Cattle Byproducts