Charting the Amazing Career of Michael Jordan Graphs

Micheal Jordan is one of the most famous professional basketball players of all time and has played 15 seasons with the National Basketball Association. He has been a part of the Chicago Bulls and won six Championships in the NBA. Many consider him to be the greatest basketball player of all time. He has been playing basketball from a very young age since his high school and college time. He did retire in 1999 initially but returned in 2001 where he continued his legacy. Today, Micheal Jordan is a big name and icon in the world. To know more about how big Micheal Jordan is, we can evaluate him with the following graphs. 

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Michael Jordan Net Worth Breakdown 

Michael Jordan Net Worth Breakdown

Many people are unaware of what is actually comprised of the net worth of Micheal Jordan. It mainly includes 3 things which include Nike’s share and promotions, NBA Salary, and different other forms of endorsement as well. Most of it goes along with Nike which accounts for 62.4% of the Net Worth of Micheal Jordan. 5.2% of it comes in with NBA Salary. The remaining 32.4% of Micheal Jordan’s net worth comes from other endorsements. By 2022, the net worth of Micheal Jordan will be $1.7 billion.

Micheal Jordan’s Net Worth Timeline

Michael Jordan's Net Worth Timeline

Micheal Jordan’s popularity soared over time. This was mainly because of his incredible performance as well as national and international level games that he played and remained as the lead scorer. In the 1980s, despite the start of his career, he did not have much in terms of his net worth. However, in the 1990s, mainly after 1995, the net worth of Micheal Jordan went up to $125 million. By 2001, this increased by 100% and reached $250 million. Since then, there has been a steep increase in the net worth of Micheal Jordan which crossed $800 million in 2013. In 2016, the net worth of Micheal Jordan crossed a major mark of $1,000 million and reached $1,250 million.