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Cheese-making is as old as anything. No one can indeed trace back the true origin of cheese making as people have been known to curdle their milk and separate solid curds from liquid whey since before the dawn of history recording. Historic traces lead archaeologists to assume that cheese making dates back to about 7,200 years. 

The dozens of different varieties of cheese in the world that people love cheese so much that they have experimented with it in several ways. Cheese is one of the most flavorful and delicious ingredients that taste amazing even when eaten alone. 

Types of cheese differ according to the milk type they are prepared from. Cow, goat, or sheep milk have different sets of properties that yield different tastes of cheese. Whether it is a burger that you love devouring or a posh cheese board, cheese is the ultimate ingredient that keeps every party thriving. Cheese is packed with calcium and protein, but it also contains large amounts of fats. So, the decision is challenging for cheese lovers. 

This article outlines some of the survey responses regarding the global consumption of cheese. Let us delve into it!

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Global Cheese Sales 

Global Cheese Sales

Food consumption patterns and trends differ in various countries. People from some regions dwell on a more seafood diet, while others prefer veggies or meat. The food sales trends indicate the preferences of people regarding their daily diet. Similarly, the above bar chart gives a glimpse of cheese sales worldwide. 

Germany secured the first position as the top country where cheese sales almost reached about $5 billion. The Netherlands is the second among top countries where cheese sales crossed $4 billion. Italy and France stood third and fourth among the top cheese-selling countries crossing $3 billion. 

Surprisingly, the USA ranks fifth in the countries where cheese sales were between $1 and $2 billion, similar to Denmark and New Zealand securing sixth and seventh position. Ireland, Belarus, and Belgium secured the three lowest ranks in the top ten countries for global cheese sales.  

Global Cheese Consumption

Global Cheese Consumption

Global cheese sales do not always correspond to global cheese consumption, as this survey reveals. The above statistics reflect the countries that consume the most cheese (one KG per capita). Denmark was the top amongst all in this list, consuming about 28.1 kg cheese per capita. 

Iceland surfaced to be a solid competitor for Denmark and secured the second position on the list (27.2 kg cheese consumed per capita). It was closely followed by Finland, France, and Cyprus, consuming 27.3, 27.2, and 26.7 kg of cheese per capita, respectively.

Germany, which stood as the top country regarding global cheese sales, emerged to be the sixth country in the list of global cheese consumption. The USA comes last among the top 15 countries, consuming about 16.8 kg of cheese per capita. 

Growing Cheese Exporters

fastest-growing cheese exporters (since 2019)

Amid the 2020 pandemic and its resulting lockdown, people’s consumption habits changed significantly. Lockdowns restricted people from traveling far for extensive grocery shopping or eating out. Hence, the trends of food consumption have taken a significant turn.

As the survey divulges, Poland is expected to be the top cheese exporter worldwide, with cheese exports hitting almost a million. The second leading emerging cheese exporter is Austria, nearly reaching the 750 million mark in cheese exports. Switzerland is closely following Austria, while Belarus occupies the bottom-most position in the list. 

Trends in Cheese Production between 2016-2020

Increase in Cheese Production Over the Past Few Years

Looking over the figures and statistics of the past few years is essential for forecasting the future of cheese production. Trends considerably changed after the 2020 pandemic as the food industry suffered a significant setback with worldwide lockdowns and business restrictions. However, the survey results regarding increased cheese production over four years (2016-2020) reveal the following results. 

The above bar chart discloses how cheese production has significantly increased from 2016 to 2020, crossing the 30 billion mark. 

Competitors in the Cheese Industry

Competitors in the Cheese Industry

We all know the big brands dominating the cheese industry. Now that cheese production has improved and increased over time, more manufacturers have popped up in the industry. These survey results shown by the graph above indicate Nestle as the top cheese manufacturer worldwide. Its cheese production crossed the 25 billion mark, leaving Lactalis the second leading cheese manufacturer. 

Danone is standing third on the list of competitors in the cheese industry, producing more than 15 billion. Fonterra, Friesland Campina, Dairy Farmers of America, and Arla Foods are the ones that closely follow the trail set by Danone. 

For more detailed information on cheese and its interesting history, click here.

Nothing Cheesy about Loving Cheese 

Cheese is undoubtedly the most loved food ingredient worldwide. Whether it is a scrumptious beef burger or a big bite of creamiest and most delicious pizza, cheese makes everything better. Cheese lovers get excited even by the idea of visiting a cheese store that houses different types of cheeses.


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