Complete Timeline of the History of Sugar Infographic

If we look closely at our daily diet, we will realize just how prevalent sugar is in everything a person eats or drinks. Sugar itself is a simple carbohydrate, but it occurs in many more forms than the granulated kind we usually have in the kitchen. It’s present in almost every single plant, fruit, and nut. As an ingredient, sugar is usually a staple in many drinks, baked goods, and packaged foods. It’s also utilized as an exfoliant in beauty products or on its own when mixed with other natural ingredients. 

Sugar also has a rich history, which is worth looking into. From chewing sugarcane to the sugar packets we know today, sugar is not just something sweet, but it has even been instrumental in shaping the cultures of certain regions. It’s been hailed as a luxury good, a precious commodity, and even something to wage war in some situations. Since sugar has such a rich heritage, it’s worth looking at its timeline throughout the years.

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Complete Timeline of the History of Sugar