Deep Dive into America’s Love of Hobbies Graphs

Hobbies can be a great way to kill time and get out of boredom. Different people enjoy different hobbies. America is one country where people love to spend their free time on different types of hobbies. For this reason, the market for creatives, arts, toys, and leisure is quite huge in America. Post-2019, America’s love of hobbies increased even more. We can evaluate more about American hobbies with the help of the following graphs. 

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Top 10 COVID-19 Hobbies


During COVID-19, the lockdowns and social distancing practices were enforced which is why people used to spend most of their time at home. For this reason, people started to spend their time on different types of hobbies. 48% of people said that they enjoyed Cooking as a hobby while 47% of people were also interested in reading and writing as a hobby. Exercising, mainly at home, was a hobby of 40% of people. 35% were interested in Home Improvement while 34% also picked up Gardening as a hobby. Some of the less common hobbies during the peak COVID-19 period were Hiking, Car Fixing, Playing an Instrument, and Photography. 

Average Hours Spent Per Day in Leisure and Sports Activities, all days of the week, May to December 2019 and 2020

Average hours per day spent in leisure & sports activities, all days of the week, May to December, 2019 & 2020

The American people spend a considerable amount of their time on different types of leisure and sports activities. In 2019, the average time spent in a day on hobbies was approximately 5 hours while it increased to 5 hours and 30 minutes by 2020. Most people spent their time in these 2 years watching television. In 2019, television was watched for 2 hours 45 minutes while in 2020, it was watched daily for over 3 hours. Games and computers accounted for less than 25 minutes in 2019 and more than 36 minutes in 2020. Some of the less common hobbies during these two years include Reading, Sports and Exercise, Relaxing, and Socializing.  

Hobbies and Interests in the US 2021

Hobbies & interests in the U.S. 2021

In 2021, the hobbies and interests of US citizens have become quite diversified. People are more into music as compared to other hobbies. For this reason, we can see that there are 52% of people have shown interest in music as a hobby while 46% are involved in food activities in their free time. Reading and Writing still stands at number 3 with 37% people interested closely followed by Pets and Video Games, each with 36% people interested in these activities. From the graph, we can also conclude that the other different hobbies and interests in the US include Arts, Sports, Gardening, Socializing, Photography, Technology, and Dancing. 

Top Online Toys, Hobby, and DIY Stores in the US


People who are interested in hobbies such as arts/crafts and DIY projects usually order different types of supplies from online stores. The most popular stores for hobbyists are and Walmart with over $20,000 million in sales each. Home Depot and Target are second with $15,000 million in sales each. Other hobbyist online stores include Hobby Lobby with $6,040 million in sales and Lowie’s with 5,000 million in sales. 

As of 2020, these stores had major growth in revenue too. Amazon had a 40% increase in revenue while Walmart had only 8%. Hobby Lobby saw a 20.8% increase while Home Depot got a massive 81% increase in sales revenue.