Different Types of Boats Infographic

Whether they own their own boat or not, a lot of Americans certainly do seem to love these vessels. Cruises on ships are very popular, while a trip to the lake or beach is incomplete without renting a boat and enjoying the waters. Many families and friends also enjoy fishing trips on a boat. Whether you’re going rafting or sailing on a huge ship, boats are also considered to be much safer than they were just a few decades ago. 

It’s not just about the recreational part of having or renting a boat. Owning your own boat is also seen a commendable milestone in a person’s life. Some people might even say that buying a boat is an important part of achieving the American dream. To many Americans, a boat represents luxury–free time, relaxing, weekend getaways, or having a great time with friends. Certainly, Americans love their boats and they have got several different types of boats to choose from depending on their budgets and aims. Here are just some of the boat categories that Americans enjoy today.

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Different Types of boats