Different Uses of Bugs Infographic

We may look upon bugs as annoying, disgusting, and pesky creatures that have to be exterminated at all costs. While there’s no denying that some bugs are problematic–termites, ants, cockroaches–we should also be aware of the great benefits certain species can provide. 

Thanks to bugs, we have several useful things such as penicillin, silk, honey, cheese, yogurt, and so much more. Some insects also control the population of pest species, while the pollination provided by bees is indispensible for the world’s ecosystems. Some species even clean up waste such as the dung left by animals. 

The list of bug benefits can go on and on. Since there are bugs everywhere, we simply have to live with them and make use of them wherever possible. The following infographic lists some uses of bugs to keep in mind.

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Different Use of Bugs