eSports by the Numbers Graphs

Among the sectors of the global economy that are now growing fast is the eSports sector. Millions of viewers at home tune in to watch their favorite players and teams compete in their favorite games, which are being played in a number of sizable stadiums across the world. The eSports business is receiving more funding, sponsorship costs are rising, and more developers are promoting eSports. This contributes to the industry’s growth.

A lot of people are into eSports today not just because of the fun they get out of playing and watchingbut because of the opportunity that it gives them to earn some money.In tournaments, people or teams compete against one another for a financial prize in eSports. They compete in video games, yet it is similar to regular sports. Electronic sports and eGames are other names for it.Check out the following graphs to get a better idea of the size and popularity of the eSports sector.

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Top Earning eSports Players in the World


Johan Sundstein is the world’s highest-paid eSports athlete. He continues to compete in eSports under the alias N0tail. He is the captain of team OG, one of the best Dota 2 teams on the entire globe. His teammates Jesse Vainikka, Anatham Pham, Sebastien Debs, and Topias Taavitsainen are also listed after him.

Squad Nigma is another well-known Dota 2 team in addition to team OG. Amer Barqawi, Kuro Takhasomi, Ivan Ivanov, and Maroun Merhej are four of their players who are among the top earners in the eSports industry. Lasse Urpalainen, a member of Team Secret in the Dota 2 game, is the tenth most paid eSports athlete in the world.

What accounts for the high salaries received by Dota 2 players? This may be the case since Valve created a very effective revenue-sharing business model that has enabled the game’s prize pool to increase over time.

eSports Audience Size Worldwide 2020-2025


As more and more viewers tune in to watch some of the best gamers in the world compete in their favorite games, eSports have become more and more popular recently.eSports fans worldwide could increase from 215.2 million in 2020 to more than 318 million, according to estimations. By 2025, it is anticipated that 322.7 million additional people will occasionally watch eSports.

Global eSports Market Revenue


The market value of eSports has increased along with its popularity in recent years.The global eSports market was valued to be worth over $1.38 billion in 2022, and by 2025 it was expected to reach $1.87 billion. Right now, in terms of revenue, North America and Asia are the two biggest eSports markets. China alone actually makes for nearly a quarter of the market.

eSports Market Revenue by Segment


In 2021, it was predicted that eSports sponsorships would generate $641 million in revenue. It accounts for around 60% of all eSports revenue, making it the greatest revenue contributor. The media rights sector came in second and generated $192.6 million in income for the eSports sector.

Leading eSports Tournaments Worldwide


The eSport competition with the largest overall prize pool as of January 2022 was “The International 2021,” which had a total prize pool of more than $40 million. The Dota 2 eSports competition, which was most recently held in Bucharest, Romania, in October 2021, is a precursor to this one. Every year, the prize fund for the same competition has been the largest in previous versions.

When Dota 2 was first introduced, The International was initially planned as a promotional event. Later, with an expanding prize pool funded primarily via crowdsourcing sources, it was held yearly.

Highest Earning eSports Countries Worldwide by Prize Money


According to projections, Chinese eSports competitors won about $37.96 million in prize money in 2021. With $23 million in prize money received, the United States comes in second place. Korea, Ukraine,Russia, Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, and Denmark are also among the nations with the greatest eSports earnings.

Top Gamer States in the U.S. 2021


In America alone, there are millions of eSports participants.Californian players are benefiting the most from the eSports sector when you compare the revenues of each state, with their players taking home an estimated $21.5 million in prize money. In the $126.2 million pot as a whole, the top-500 players took home 17% of the money, which is more than the next two states combined, with players from Texas and Pennsylvania taking home $12.1 million and $8.5 million, respectively.

Elite gamers in New York came in fourth on the list, with earnings of $8.4 million. Georgia comes in second with $5.5 million, then Florida with $5.1 million. Wisconsin had one of the highest per capita rates among the 50 states, thanks to two players who made an average of $1.8 million apiece. New Jersey, which earned $3.5 million, was ranked eighth on the list, followed by Indiana ($3.2 million). Washington comes in last but certainly not least, with a $3 million total income.

Top eSports Games in the United States


Call of Duty is the eSports title that brings in the most money in the US. Over the past 20 years, earnings from first-person shooter games have totaled more than $28.4 million. The next game is Fortnite, which is also played by millions of people worldwide. Among the top 500 gamers in America, it has a staggering $26.8 million in combined earnings.

Dota is ranked third in the U.S., which is significantly lower than the games that are first and second. It has brought in a total of $13.6 million for American players. Counter-Strike, which has prizes totaling more than $10 million, comes next. Halo ranks fifth with revenue of $8.1 million, followed by PUBG with $3.4 million in earnings. Also included in the top 10 eSports titles in the US where players make the most money are League of Legends, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and SMITE.