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A lot of Americans keep dogs as pets or at least wish to do so. Many children express a wish to adopt their own dog or puppy while growing up. While many breeds of dogs can survive on their own, they are domesticated in both rural and urban areas. For a lot of families that have dogs, these canines are like a beloved member of the family. People flock to dog shows, cuddle with their dogs whenever they get the chance, and sometimes have them sleep in the same room or in the same bed. Guide dogs are a necessity for some disabled and blind people, while other trained canines are part of the police force, help to herd cattle, and do tasks for the military forces. 

According to at least one 2016 study, dogs are the most popular domesticated pet in the world. We may call them ‘man’s best friend’ and pay tribute to their loyalty and bravery. They’re even the main characters in many popular cartoons, with Scooby Doo and Paw Patrol being among the best examples. However, there has been a very marked evolution for most dog species, with several breeds being especially created for certain tasks. Before you go on to explore the amazing world of dogs, here’s a quick glance at the various developments and changes in the relationship between dogs and humans over the centuries.

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Explore the Amazing World of Dogs


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