Exploring America’s Love Affair with Pizza Graphs

Americans are in absolute love with fast food, particularly pizza. Being a quick food item available almost anytime, pizza has become more of a routine food rather than just a snack item. For this reason, hundreds of new pizza joints are opened up in the USA now and then. The pizza industry has grown quite large over the past few years. We can evaluate that with the help of the following graphs. 

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Most Liked Pizza Toppings in America (2021) 

Most Liked Pizza Toppings in America

We all love toppings on Pizza and there are certainly some that are unanimously liked by the majority. In a survey conducted in 2021 from 6000 American adults, it was found out Pepperoni was the most liked pizza topping with 64% of respondents choosing it followed by Sausage which was liked by 56% of the respondents. Mushrooms were the third most liked pizza topping in America with 54% of respondents favoring it. Extra Cheese also seems to be quite popular among Americans as 52% of people wanted it as a pizza topping. Lastly, extra onions were chosen by 48% of people as their favorite pizza topping.  

Most Disliked Pizza Toppings in America (2021)

Most Disliked Pizza Toppings in America

While toppings seem amazing, the people may not like a few of them. Just like the above graph, there was another survey conducted to evaluate the most disliked pizza toppings in America as of 2021. 61% of people said that they don’t like Anchovies on their pizza which makes it the most disliked pizza topping in America. 52% of people suggested that eggplant is not a good topping for pizza. Artichoke was disliked by 44% of people while Broccoli was considered unfavorable by 39%. Lastly, the pineapple was also considered one of the most disliked pizza toppings as suggested by 35% of respondents. 

the U.S. States with Most Pizza Restaurants Per Capita (2019)

U.S. States with Most Pizza Restaurants per Capita (2019)

The United States has so many pizza restaurants but there are some states with a higher number of restaurants per capita. This means that there are a lot of pizza places in these states concerning the population. Connecticut is on top of this list with 3.65 pizza places per capita while Pennsylvania has 3.62. It is quite shocking that over 3 pizza places are in these states for just one person. This makes competition in these places quite tough. Rhode Island, Iowa, New Jersey, Delaware, Masecheussets, New Hampshire, Ohio, and West Virginia is also a state with the most pizza restaurants per capita. All of them have over 3 pizza restaurants per capita. 

States in America with Most Pizza Restaurants (2019)

States in America with the Most Pizza Restaurants (2019)

The above graph and this one are quite different as it simply highlights the states that have the most pizza restaurants regardless of the population parameter. California is the state in America with the most pizza restaurants. As of 2019, there were 7,281 pizza joints in California while New York was a bit behind with 5,791 pizza places. The state of Texas had 5,200 pizza places. All remaining top states in America with most pizza restaurants have fewer than 5000 pizza hubs. This includes Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Masecheussetts, and North Carolina. 

Top 10 Largest American Pizza Chains (2020) (Global Annual Sales in USD Billion)

Top 10 Largest American Pizza Chains (2020)

America is home to multiple pizza chains with many of them being global ones too. Among the most popular chains in America, Dominoes and Pizza Hut are in close competition. As of 2020, Domino’s had a sales figure of $12.25 billion while Pizza Hut had sales revenue of $12.03 billion. Little Caesars comes 3rd with revenue of $4 billion. All other American Pizza Chains have less than $4 billion in terms of revenue. Papa John’s Pizza had revenue of $3.69 billion while California Pizza earned over $0.83 billion while Papa Murphy’s is also close to $0.82 billion in revenue. Other largest American pizza chains include Sbarro’s, Marco’s Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese, and Cici’s Pizza.