Historical Timeline of Earlier Drones Infographic


The earliest UAVs couldn’t exactly be called drones, as they were only hot air balloons released without any passengers. We can still ride a hot air balloon in certain parts of the world, but drones have come a long way from that point. 

Even just a decade ago, the notion of people having drones for hobbies and children’s toys would seem quite far-fetched. While mechanical drones have been around for quite some time, they were initially only for military use. Today, we have drones that are easily accessible to the public if they can afford it. Not only this, but there are drones available with varying features, with many having a camera that can give us thermal, LIDAR-based, and Multispectral photography. 

Modern technology is known to develop at a very rapid pace, and the matter of drones is no different. There’s still a lot of potential to tap into with drone—the matter of home deliveries, for instance, still hasn’t moved forward or become mainstream. However, we have to appreciate the building blocks that have given us the modern drones with all their benefits. 

If you’re interested in knowing all about drones, it makes sense to start with the history of the earliest models. The timeline below gives a glance at the highlights of the early drones and their respective uses:

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Historical Timeline of Earlier Drones



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