Historically Popular Snacks in the United States Infographic

In addition to the regular meals, like breakfast, lunch or dinner; a majority of people love snacking in between the main courses. However, it can be a healthy or unhealthy practice, based on the choice and quantity of the snack you are munching on. In ancient times, people used to eat light foods or leftovers between the meals in the name of snacks. Most of the edibles were natural and sweet, which wouldn’t need any cooking or preparation beforehand, such as fruits. 

The 19th century was evolutionary for the snack industry of the United States as the interest of potential customers changed. They started consuming commercial snacks instead of healthier and natural food options. Today, the local grocery stores are full of new-fangled taste sensations, like potato chips and candy bars. You might be surprised to know that a lot of snack foods, available in the marketplace these days, have been around for many decades. In fact, your favorite chips flavor or brand may have been consumed by your grandparents in their childhood as well. 

The greatest example of this is Oreos, which are loved by almost every person on this planet. Do you know these cookie-sandwiches were introduced in 1912? Refer to the chart below to read about a few historically popular snacks in the US and get amazed!

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Historically Popular Snacks in the United States