History of American Snack Foods Infographic

From the ancient times, humans have been consuming light and leftover foods between the meals. Mostly, the past people used to nibble natural and sweet edibles that wouldn’t require any preparation or cooking, like fruits, etc. However, the interest in these snacks modified in the United States during the 19th century. A majority of individuals switched from natural foods to ready-made commercial snacks, containing high salt and sugar content. Today, in 21st century, American snack food industry has evolved, and processed foods are referred as snacks now. 

With the passage of time, our lives have become super busy, and we have started relying on junk food without knowing their nutritional value and healthy benefits. The main reason behind this concept is the easy availability and accessibility of pre-packaged food items. Their affordable price tags make them more attractive to the potential customers. 

In fact, over the past ten years, snacking has literally replaced regular meals because a large group of mankind got hooked on convenient, ready-to-go and enjoyable diet. This is why, the future of snack food industry is bright, and it is already bringing $120 billion profit per year in the US. Have a look at the chart below to find out about the era of your favorite snack.

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History of American Snack Foods