How Are Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan Connected to Pokémon Characters?


You’ve probably marveled at the martial prowess of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but did you know they’re immortalized in the Pokémon universe? The Fighting-type Pokémon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, aren’t just random designs; they’re tributes to these martial arts legends. Read on to find out more.

Key Takeaways

  • Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan in Pokémon are inspired by martial arts legends Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, respectively.
  • Hitmonlee’s design and abilities mirror Bruce Lee’s exceptional kicking prowess and dynamic martial arts style.
  • Hitmonchan reflects Jackie Chan’s versatile fighting style, incorporating his combat skills and persona into the character.
  • Both Pokémon characters serve as tributes, bridging the world of classic kung fu cinema with the Pokémon universe.
  • The inclusion of these characters celebrates the discipline, strength, and impact of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan on popular culture and martial arts.

The Hitmonlee Connection

Hitmonlee, inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee, showcases the martial artist’s unmatched speed and power through its design and abilities. Hitmonlee’s very essence captures the spirit of Bruce Lee. Its English name is a clever play on Bruce Lee’s name, blending homage and creativity. The design isn’t just superficial; it incorporates elements like the black belt and a fighting style that screams speed and precision, mirroring Bruce Lee’s iconic moves.

Photo of Bruce Lee as Kato, from the television series The Green Hornet.
Photo of Bruce Lee as Kato from the television series The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee’s influence stretches far beyond his iconic film roles; he’s left an indelible mark on martial arts worldwide. His pioneering spirit continues to inspire and shape the martial arts scene, proving his contributions are timeless.

Jackie Chan’s Influence

More details Chan on the USS Kitty Hawk in 2002 during the carrier's visit to Hong Kong
<br >More details<br >Chan on the USS Kitty Hawk in 2002 during the carriers visit to Hong Kong

You’ll find Jackie Chan’s influence extends far beyond the silver screen, inspiring characters like Hitmonchan with his dynamic martial arts techniques and unforgettable personality. His acrobatic style and iconic moves have been masterfully emulated in this Pokémon, paying homage to Chan’s martial arts legacy. Let’s explore how martial arts inspiration, Chan’s distinctive traits, and emulation of his iconic moves shape Hitmonchan’s character.

Martial Arts Inspiration

Drawing from Jackie Chan’s dynamic fighting style, Hitmonchan in Pokémon embodies the martial arts legend’s precise jabs and acrobatic prowess. The character’s design, featuring red gloves and signature moves, is a clear nod to Jackie Chan’s impact in martial arts and entertainment. Hitmonchan’s name itself is a tribute, reflecting the homage paid to this legendary figure.

The Pokémon’s Japanese name, Ebiwalar, pays homage to Hiroyuki Ebihara, a boxer Jackie Chan admired, further solidifying the link between Chan’s dynamic martial arts prowess and Hitmonchan’s fighting spirit. These traits showcase a clear reflection of Jackie Chan’s impact, not only in the world of martial arts but also in the enthralling world of entertainment.


In celebration of martial arts legends, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan’s designs and abilities perfectly capture the essence of Bruce Lee’s and Jackie Chan’s unique fighting styles. Hitmonlee mirrors Bruce Lee’s unmatched physical strength and swift speed, embodying the martial artist’s dynamic and powerful approach. With every kick, Hitmonlee channels the spirit of Bruce Lee, showcasing the intensity and precision that made Lee a legend.

Both Pokémon not only bear names that are tributes to their human counterparts—Hitmonlee for Bruce Lee and Hitmonchan for Jackie Chan—but also embody the characteristics that have immortalized these martial artists. Their abilities and designs are a tribute to the iconic status of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, merging the world of Pokémon with the legacies of these martial arts giants.


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