Important Milestones in Ancient Greek History Infographic


The Ancient Greek civilization has contributed heavily to the modern world as we know it. The beginning of Ancient Greek history dates back to even before the birth of Christ.  It lasted for over 8 centuries, with a lot of battles, wars, discoveries, and inventions along the way.

When we look at the history of this civilization, we can see the start of many building blocks of our current civilization. However, there was also frequent conflict with other empires, with the Greeks fighting to defend Athens, dealing with a horrible plague, and also founding the Olympics. Overall, there seem to have been a few major events in Greek history that have shaped their culture and legacy.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to Ancient Greece—we have the Trojan War, several geographical developments, political games, literary works, and the Olympic Games to name just a few of the most major topics. Anyone who is interested in this influential civilization should know about these important milestones. There are also many more essential facts of interest when we look at the Ancient Greeks by the numbers

Let’s now have a brief glance at the times and chorology of the most significant and prominent events in Ancient Greece:

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Important Milestones in Ancient Greek History


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