Interesting Facts about Los Angeles

It seems like there are unlimited interesting facts about Los Angeles. Many of them aren’t even known by the people that actually live here and call the city home. We compiled a list of interesting facts that, if you live in LA, you probably didn’t know, and if you don’t live in LA, you will find incredibly surprising.

1. Tourists in LA Surpassed the 50-million Mark

The last recorded tourist record of 2018 shows how 50 million people around the world visited the city. It hosted a total of 42.5 million domestic tourists (a 3 percent increase) and 7.5 million international travelers (a 3.6 percent increase). [1]

2. They Probably Changed the Name Because They Forgot the First One

Did you know the original name of Los Angeles was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles”! This translates to “The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the River Porciúncula.” It was later shortened to just Los Angeles. [2]

3. Los Angeles is a Filmmaker’s Dream

Los Angeles is the hub and epicenter of America’s film and music industry. LA culture is considered the world culture because of its modern art and the more than 100 museums that hold it. With the perfect sunny and bright weather to accommodate a great shoot, the city is known to be a dream for a filmmaker.

4. Hollywood Sign is 45 Feet Tall

Standing at a level of 45 feet, the Hollywood sign is an iconic attraction of the city. It’s a spot for tourists looking for the perfect click with the iconic trademark. With many trails leading up the hill, it’s a 3.3-mile hike that can take up to two hours, and for those looking for a ride, you can take the car service or even get a horse ride.

5. Now That’s What We Call Diversity

The city is known as a cultural hub of people from 140 countries who speak 224 different languages.

6. LA has Some Artistic Records

The city is home to more museums than any other state in America. With more than 105 museums, some 225 theaters, 55 of the greatest structures by the world’s top architects, and some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, LA is a place magnificently planned.

7. Home to the World’s Most Iconic Landmarks

The Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, California Science Center with the Space Shuttle Endeavour, TCL Chinese Theater, Universal Studios, the infamous Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and so much more reside in Los Angeles. 

8. LA has More Cars than People

Los Angeles is one of the most densely populated urban regions in the world, with about 6.4 million registered vehicles and only 3.9 million inhabitants. Los Angeles is known for its car culture. [3]

9. There are More than 2,600 Names on the Walk of Fame

Looking to site your favorite actor’s nameplate? You’ll find them lined up by the sidewalk. Holding names of famous filmmakers and actors by honoring their signature, handprint, and name with a golden star. There are 2,722 names of honorable stars on the Walk of Fame (as of April 25, 2022). [4]

10. Los Angeles Has One of the Largest Parks in the USA

Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the USA. With open space for golfing, play area, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. Scattered with waterfalls and lagoons, the park has 50 miles of trails set close to the water features of the park. 

11. Housing the Old-Time Farmers Market

A place dedicated to the foodies looking for delicious yet organic options. The market offers an extensive range of fresh products. You can find a variety of cuisines and treats at the marketplace that continues from 1934, attracting many infamous actors to the place as well.

12. A Fan’s Dream Come True

The Universal Studio Tour takes you around the largest TV and movie studios to ever exist. A 60-minute tour can take you around about 13 city blocks of movie studios; chances are you’ll also come across some of Hollywood’s biggest stars on the way.

13. LA Hosts Some of the World’s Biggest Concerts

Los Angeles has been hosting some of the world’s most famous and biggest concerts since 1922 at The Hollywood Bowl. It’s an open-air amphitheater that can hold over 17,000 people.

Some famous legends who have performed at the bowl are Elter John, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. It’s the perfect place for the fans of classical arts and music. Famous for sits Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, with 80 musicians performing on the stage, including Broadway tunes, jazz, and film scores.

14. Joanne Woodward was the First Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Joanne Woodward became the first honoree to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 9, 1960. The actress won an Academy Award for portraying a woman with multiple personalities in The Three Faces of Eve. [5]

15. LA has Secret Tunnels Underground

The Downtown Los Angeles area was once home to an extensive network of underground tunnels built to serve as shelters in the event of a nuclear attack. If you go on a tour of Los Angeles, your guide will probably tell you about them.

The tunnels between Temple and Spring streets and 1st Street and Grand Avenue are remnants of the city’s early days when Los Angeles was a small port town, and some date back to the Prohibition times when people used these tunnels to smuggle liquor. [6]

16. There is a Mysterious Castle in LA

It’s true: behind a wrought-iron gate at 7001 Franklin Ave in Los Angeles, there is a private club in an old Victorian mansion. This may be one of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles. Since 1963 this exclusive club has been serving as the home base for the Academy of Magical Arts.

The Magic Castle is an exclusive nightclub, restaurant, and magic theater in Hollywood. It hosts fancy old-fashioned dinners and shows featuring top magicians. However, membership is very selective, and entrance is by invitation only.

17. The “Hollywood” Sign Originally Read “Hollywoodland” 

The Hollywood sign, a symbol of Los Angeles and one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, was originally built in 1923. The sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND.

The real reason for its inclusion? Fodor’s article says that the sign was originally intended to advertise a segregated housing development. It wasn’t until 1949 that the ‘LAND’ word was removed. [7]

18. The World’s First and Only Solar-Powered Ferris Wheel

Did you know that Santa Monica’s Pacific Wheel is the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world? The Pacific Wheel, with 12 rides and an assortment of games and restaurants as well as a shopping area, is the most iconic gem of all. [8]

19. Goats are used in LA to Prevent Wildfire

It might sound a bit strange, but it’s actually true. According to NPR, the city of Anaheim has renewed its contract with Environmental Land Management, a company that uses goats to graze on hillsides. While they may not be aware of their role in preventing wildfires, goats help control invasive grasses and dry brush by grazing year-round. [9]

20. UCLA in LA is the Birthplace of the Internet

On October 29, 1969, at a UCLA office in Boelter Hall, Professor Leonard Kleinrock sent the first message to Stanford University via a network that would become known as the Internet. The first message was supposed to be “LOGIN,” but the system crashed after Kleinrock sent the message; hence only two letters were sent: “LO.” [10]


Los Angeles attracts people from across the United States and around the world. It is a diverse transportation hub with many attractions for visitors and residents alike. If you’re looking to expand your general knowledge of the city you live in, we hope these interesting facts seem useful.