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Israel is a country located in the Western Part of Asia. The country has been quite controversial over the past few years over the ongoing war with Palestinians. However, most recently, Israel has grown in terms of economic and technological sectors. As of 2020, the country had a GDP of $402 billion and ranked as the 29th largest economy in the world in terms of Nominal GDP.  One can understand more about Israel with different types of statistical figures and graphs, as mentioned below.

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Immigration from Aliyah to Israel, 1948 – 2020

Immigration (Aliyah) to Israel, from 1948 to 2020

The word Aliyah suggests that Jewish People should return back from foreign countries to the Land of Israel. The word means to rise up and describes the fact that Jews should be united together in the uprising. Over the past few decades, millions of Jews have immigrated to Israel for this reason. In 1948, 100,000 people immigrated to Israel. By 1950, this figure reached a staggering high of about 248,000 people immigrating to Israel. From then, there was a major drop in this trend. In the coming years, an average of 20,000 to 60,000 people used to immigrate to Israel. This was until 1988. In 1990, again 200,000 people immigrated to Israel. The trend again went declined after the war and the situation in Israel worsened. By 2020, fewer than 25,000 people immigrated to Israel. 

Number of Israel Settlers By Year (1967 – 2021)

Number of Israel Settlements by year (1967 - 2021 in Disputed Territories)

Settlers in Israel include people belonging to other types of cultural groups and ethnicities. As of 1970, there were only 1,514 settlers in Israel. By 1990, this number had jumped up to 79,800 settlers. There has been a consistent and gradual increase in the number of settlers in Israel since then. By 2000, there were 203,067 settlers in Israel which is about a 2.5 times increase compared to 1990. By 2010, the number of settlers increased to 299,340 which was again an approximately 49% increase. Figures from 2021 have shown that there are over 475,000 settlers in Israel. The consistent positive trend shows that the number of Israel settlers is going to increase continuously. 

Religions in Israel (As of 2018)

Religions in Israel (as of 2018)

Although Israel is a Jewish country and encourages Jews from all over the world to come back to the land of Israel, several other religions also exist over here. 74.6% of the people in Israel are Jews while 17.7% are Muslims. This is also a reason why there is a constant clash between Jews and Muslims in the country. Other religions account for only a minor percentage. 2% of the population in Israel believes in Christianity while 1.6% are Druze. Other religions combined account for 4.1% of people in Israel. It can be interpreted that there is limited religious diversity in the State of Israel. 

Israel’s National Gross Domestic Product (1950 – 2020)

Israel's National Gross Domestic Product

Israel has been continuously growing in terms of GDP. As a matter of fact, there has been a staggering high annual GDP growth rate too. As of 1960, Israel had a GDP of $2.598 billion which rose to $5.32 by 1969. The GDP of Israel has kept growing with minor fluctuations but showing a majorly positive trend. In 1990, Israel had achieved a GDP of $58.11 billion which was 10 times higher than its GDP in 1969. In 2000, there was another 100% increase in the figure from 1990 as Israel reached a GDP of $132.34 billion. Consistent positive figures and a 100% increase were noticed in the coming decade too with the figure reaching $234 billion in 2010. Figures from 2021 show that Israel had a GDP of $481.59 billion. This also shows the consistent improvement and growth within the economy. 

Israel’s Top Exports (2019)

Israel's top exports (2019)

Many are quite surprised to find out that a small country like Israel is quite rich and has a consistently growing GDP. The main reason for this is that the country has a strong position in the Diamond exchange market. The industry is growing and it is the most exported product of Israel. Diamonds account for $11.2 billion in terms of exports to Israel. Other important exports by Israel include Packaged Medicaments and Medical Instruments which account for $2.36 billion and $2.01 billion, respectively. Background circuits are also an important export which makes up $2 billion in exports. Few of the other top exports of Israel include Refined Petroleum, Other Measuring Instruments, Pesticides, Electrical Machinery, Broadcasting Equipment, and Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds as well. 

Israel’s Top Imports (2019)

Israel’s top imports (2019)

It would be surprising to many to see that Israel is both an importer and exporter of Diamonds. However, it is profitable for them as well because the country only imports $2.14 billion of Diamond but manages to export it at $11.2 billion. Israel is also importing $1.43 billion worth of aircrafts, helicopters, and other air vehicles. The third most important import of Israel has been Special Purpose Ships which accounted for $1.09 billion in 2019. Other top imports by Israel include Gas Turbines, Aircraft Parts, Refined Petroleum, Explosive Ammunition, Packaged Medicaments, Blood, Vaccines, and cars as well. It can be seen that most of Israel’s top imports are producer goods and not consumer goods. This helps in promoting their industry. 

Top Export Destinations for Israel (2019)

Top export destinations for Israel (2019)

Earlier, we talked about the different types of exports of Israel. The following graph shows the top countries to which Israel exports. 32.3% of the exports of Israel are to the USA which accounts for $18 billion followed by China which accounts for 8.72% and $4.88 billion of exports by Israel. Hong Kong comes third with $2.75 billion worth of exports to Israel. Other countries which are also a part of the top export destinations of Israel include the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey, France, and India. These countries have an export value of fewer than $2.5 billion, each. 

Top Import Origins for Israel (2019)

Top import origins for Israel (2019)

Just like the exports, there are several countries from which Israel imports too. On top of this list, there is the United States with $13.4 billion worth of imports to Israel, This makes up a total of 18.4% of imports from Israel. Second, there is China from which Israel imports $9.29 billion worth of products. This is equivalent to 13.6%. Third, is Germany which gives Israel $5.21 billion of products that account for 7.15%. Other important import origins for Israel include France, Turkey, India, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, and Japan. 


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