It’s a Spreadsheet World Graphs

Spreadsheets are specific worksheets used in different types of computer systems for various mathematical calculations. Every personal computer these days comes with spreadsheet software by default. Software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can be used if someone wants to work on a spreadsheet. The fact that they provide an easy way to go around accounting systems has made spreadsheets so popular around the world. This can also be evaluated by the following graphs which show how spreadsheets have grown as one of the most used programs globally. 

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Number of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet Users (2018 – 2021)

Number of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets Users (2018 - 2021)

The two of the most used programs for spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. While Google Sheets is a more recent innovation, Microsoft Excel was initially released in 1987. Several updated versions were released from time to time to make the program more user-friendly. This is why the graphs also show a major share of Microsoft Excel users which have been between 750 million and 1.2 billion from 2018 to 2021. On the other hand, Google Sheets only has 160 million to 180 million users for the same period. 

Excel Users by Job function (2021)

Excel Users By Job Function 2021

The role of Excel has been increasing as the functionality and application of the program have been made versatile. It is way easier than complex Enterprise Resource Planning and other accounting systems. Therefore, many job workers are now required to work on Excel. The graph shows that Excel is now used in different jobs. Over 7.6 million users in Business Development job roles use Excel which is by far the biggest sector. This is followed by the Sales sector which has 6.3 million Excel users. Other top jobs requiring the use of Excel include Engineering, Information Technology, and Education. 

The second graph shows how many people list Excel as their skill on the popular platform, LinkedIn. On top of this list, we can see that 28.5% of Researchers listed Excel as their skill followed by 28.3% Accountants and 28% Project Managers. Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Employees are the next ones on this list. It can be seen that quite a major proportion of several job holders list Excel as their key skill.