Least Spoken Languages in the World Infographic

People speak a variety of languages in different parts of the World. A number of them are even learning more dialects other than natives in order to further their understanding and knowledge about other cultures. Language has the power to connect people from each other regardless of their nationalities. However, it can also become a barrier in communication because of the differences in the mother tongue. 

There are around 7,000 languages that are spoken Globally at the present time, adding to the diversity of the world. Regardless, some languages are less spoken than the others. In 2022, more than 1.35 billion individuals are using English as their native or second language. On the other hand, over 1.12 billion Chinese speakers are spread around the World. Spanish and Hindi, on the other hand, are considered as the third and fourth widely spoken languages of the 2021.

When we talk about the least spoken languages in the world, then it is important to understand the reason behind it. Usually, the tribes present in the remote areas speak rare languages all over the World. They show no interest in learning or interacting in some other dialects. However, with exposure and awareness, their children start using or speaking the dominating language of the country. That is when their native tongue becomes extinct or dies unless anyone from the next generation put some effort into its revival. Have a look at the image below to read about the least spoken languages in the world.

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Least Spoken Languages in the World