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Madonna has been one of the all-time popular singers. Her era has introduced music fans to a whole new vibe. Her way of targeting different genres and audiences helped her gain mass attention and popularity as well. During the 1990s to 2000s, she had the peak time of her career when her songs got major hits. Her songs mainly belonged to electronic music as well as pop which helped her gain fame and become one of the most successful singers of all time.

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Madonna’s Top Selling Albums of All Time

Madonna's Top selling albums of all time

As stated, Madonna had the big time of her career during the 1990s decade. The following graph shows how her songs got a major hit and broke several records. Much of her music is still listened to by the fans. This shows that Madonna is still popular and mainly because of the top-selling albums of all time for which she has received Grammy awards as well.

Among the top-selling albums of Madonna, The Immaculate Condition gets the top position which was released in 1990. 30 million copies of this album have been sold. True Blue (1986) is in the second position and 25 million copies were sold for this album. Like a Virgin was released in 1984 and was also a popular one which reached around 21 million sold copies. In 1998, she released Ray of Light which had 16 million copies sold. 2 years later, she released another album called Music which got about 11 million copies sold. Other popular albums which got high sales include

  • Like a Prayer – 15 Million Copies
  • Confessions on a Dance Floor – 12 Million Copies
  • Evita OST – 11 Million Copies
  • Something to Remember – 10 Million Copies
  • Greatest Hits – 7 Million Copies


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