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Mobile phones are everywhere nowadays; some might say that they’re a major part of life in many countries. In the United States, it seems like everyone has a mobile phone (most likely a smartphone). Even if someone is homeless, they can post content online, order necessary items, get directions, and do a lot of essential tasks with their smartphones. However, with so much reliance on this technology, we may forget that it’s still a fairly recent innovation. 

Just a few decades back, even a car phone was considered a luxury, something that only rich people had. 

Our now ubiquitous mobile phones were once large, clunky devices that you could use to make expensive calls. They then moved on to offering text messages, then picture messages, then games. The development of mobile phones picked up speed as the years went by; we got touchscreens, quality cameras, music players, and internet availability in portable devices that we could easily operate at any time. There’s no doubt that the mobile phone industry numbers are growing each day. With phones occupying such an important aspect of our lifestyle, we should take a look at their history as well. Without further ado, let’s check out a timeline of mobile phone history from their beginning in 1908 to the present day:

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Mobile phone history timeline


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