Mobile Phone Industry by the Numbers Graphs

Mobile phones have become the most used device of the current era. Following 2000, there has been rapid advancement in mobile phone technology. From keypad phones to smart touch screen phones, the world of mobile phones has evolved in numerous ways in a matter of 25 years only. The increased usage of mobile phones is also because of the availability of multiple functions that assist in different personal and office works as well. As a result, the mobile industry has several players competing to win over the high demand for mobile phones. Let’s evaluate the mobile phone industry by these graphs. 

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Percentage of US Adults who say they own a Smartphone

Percentage of US adults who say they own a smartphone

More than 90% of the people who have a phone today carry a smartphone instead of a regular phone. In the past few years, the percentage of US adults who have a smartphone has increased more than 2 times. In 2011, only 35% of US adults said that they own a smartphone. Since then, the percentage has kept increasing showing no decline in any way. More than 70% of US adults had a smartphone in 2016. As of 2021, 85% of US adults said that they own a smartphone. Quite soon, we might see this number cross the 90% benchmark. 

Mobile Vendor Market Share in the US

Mobile vendor market share in the US

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The mobile phone market has been globally held by Apple and Samsung on top. The other players are also growing in this industry but Apple and Samsung are really strong position holders in the mobile phone market. As of November 2021, 58.47% of the US Mobile Vendor Market Share was held by Apple while 26.89% was held by Samsung. All other players have less than 4% of the market share, primarily because the US has a developed target market that focuses on brand and quality. Smaller players in their respective order of market share include LG, Motorola, Google, Xiaomi, One Plus, Huawei, Oppo, and Alcatel

Top Mobile Phone Users by Countries

Top mobile phone users by country (as of 2021)

The mobile phone market has spread and one way to determine if a country’s people are having a good living standard is to see the mobile phone ownerships by them. We can see that China has the most mobile phone users (1600 million) because of its high population. This is followed by India where 1280 million people have a mobile phone. The US comes next with 327 million mobile phone users. Russia and Brazil have 256 million and 284 million mobile phone users, respectively. Other smaller countries such as Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nigeria have fewer mobile phone users. 

Mobile Vendor Market Share Worldwide

Mobile vendor market share worldwide

Earlier we evaluated that the US market has been dominated by two top players which include Apple and Samsung. The trend is quite similar when we evaluate it on a worldwide basis but Xiaomi and Huawei are also growing players in this segment. Apple and Samsung have tough competition worldwide with 28.54% and 27.18% market share respectively. Xiaomi comes third with an 11.37% market share and Huawei has a 7.52% market share. Other players are small and have less than 5% of the market captured. This includes Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Motorola, LG