Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States (2015-2020) Infographic


When it comes to pets, dogs are among the most popular choice all over the world; but they’re especially a favorite in the United States. People may want a dog for extra security in their homes, but many pet lovers also just want a loyal companion who can be part of their family. In fact, Americans are statistically more likely to own a dog than any other nationality in the world, according to several studies. 

Some people have also noticed that having a dog or puppy by your side is a great ice-breaker in the United States. Other dog lovers are likely to stop to pet the dog, which leads to a conversation and perhaps a long-lasting friendship. Some may credit the American love of dogs as part of the abundance and stability that many people enjoy here. It might even be part of the American dream for  certain folks; to have a house in the suburbs, a spouse and kids, and a loyal pet dog ready to welcome them each day. We may go on talking about the wonderful world of dogs, but let’s first have a look at the most popular dog breeds in the United States over the past few years.

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Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States (2015-2021)


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