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The Ancient Greece civilization spanned almost the whole Mediterranean some thousand years ago. It rules the majority of Europe as well as Western Asia at the height of its influence under Alexander the Great. This civilization came before the Roman Empire, and a lot of the Roman culture was inspired and influenced by Greek elements.

Since Ancient Greece is also responsible for contributing to the foundation of modern Western culture, we should take a close look at this civilization and its history. Everything we know and study today—philosophy, literature, sports, government, art, mathematics, and science—is profoundly influenced by the Ancient Greek civilization.

Arts and culture aside, the battles of Ancient Greece also played a major role in shaping the culture and hence ours. The ancient Greek wars would influence the course of European culture and history for centuries, with alliances formed, massive armies created, and coordination practiced like never before.

If we look at the Ancient Greeks by the numbers, we can see how their actions on the battlefield marked a large part of their history. They either had to fight off foreign invaders or were engaged in clashes with each other. Some battles were more prominent and influential than others, with their outcome determining how Greek values and culture were preserved and able to develop further. With these values flourishing, the Western civilizations would become what they are today. Let’s now look at the most significant battles of the Ancient Greeks and their results: 

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Most Significant Battles of Ancient Greeks


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