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There is a lot of importance in learning different languages as it can open bright opportunities for you in terms of social interactions, studies and jobs. This is why, we can see a lot of platforms offering their language-learning services with global reach all over the Internet these days. It means you don’t have to be physically present to study a language by the experts; the process is just a click away.

There is a strong association between the popularity of dialects and the number of countries they are being spoken. The more famous a language is, the more benefits it has to offer to the students. For example, a language has the ability to broaden professional connections and career opportunities from different parts of the world. Moreover, some individuals also choose to study a language for traveling purposes in order to interact with the locals or other personal goals.

However, the most studied languages throughout the world don’t have to be the most spoken ones. In fact, you would be shocked to find out that Italian used to be the fourth most learned language globally, regardless of its complexity. However, now Spanish took the rank with 14.5 million learners from the world. While English tops the chart followed by Chinese, French, German and Japanese, etc. Refer to the image below for a detailed description.

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Most Studied Languages in the World (2021)


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