Most Used Languages on the Internet Infographic

While browsing online, you might have noticed that thousands of languages are used on the worldwide websites. Some are common, while the others might be rarely used ones. However, it is interesting fact that the use of language on online platforms doesn’t reflect the number of speakers it has globally. For example, Hindi is one of the frequently spoken languages of the world, but it is not the top one used on the Internet. 

On the basis of studies and surveys; English is the most commonly used language to connect online with 60.4% of the World’s population and 10 million websites. Moreover, China is famous for having the most internet users globally, but only 1.4% of the websites uses the language. On the other hand, Russia is ranked at the second position because of the online presence of Runet – name of Russian language community. Besides, it is the official language of a number of countries as well that were the part of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, it is seen that the growing chances of Asian languages on the Internet are high, and in coming years; the language may reach to the top 3.

If you want to learn more about the popular languages used on the internet, then check the image given below:

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Most Used Languages on the Internet (2021)