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Mexico has always been one of the most misunderstood countries of all time. We have seen it portrayed as a country amidst wars with drug lords running the country. What we don’t often see is the true versatility that is Mexico.

The third-largest country of North America, Mexico prides itself in being a treasure island for history lovers and modern people alike. It has everything to offer – from luxurious beaches to bustling cities, Mexico has it all. Due to its convenient geographical location, many people find it easier to retire to Mexico to travel easily to and from the US.

The history of Mexico goes back thousands of years. Even when there were no settlers, the indigenous people enjoyed an entire life in what was known as Mesoamerica. The Mayan and Aztec civilizations are one of the most sought out topics for archeologists and historians. Mexico is filled with ruins from the past, telling a tale of indigenous people before Spain got over.

Mexicans have only Hernan Cortez to thank for the Spanish invasion. He landed with a handful of 500 people and immediately burned all the boats so that no one could go back. Within three years, by hook or crook, Cortez succeeded in taking over the Aztec empire. The “New Spain” tried hard to hold their ground along with the indigenous people. As much as they wanted to expand their empire, the population was dropped from 25 million to six million in just three centuries[i]. Bloodshed did have a role to play, but the Europeans’ diseases were the main culprit.

The Spanish may be more modern than the locals, but they lacked tolerance. They treated indigenous people like slaves and gave respect to their people. Soon, cries of freedom started to rise from all over the country. It all began on September 16, 1810, when a priest chanted for independence. Through fears and tears, Mexico got its independence from the Spanish rulers.

Mexico is one of the most lenient countries in the world. It welcomes immigrants and refugees with open arms. According to the 2020 National Census, there are 1,212,252 foreign-born people currently residing in Mexico[ii]. A majority of people are from neighboring countries like the US and Guatemala. Most people who move to Mexico are those who already speak Spanish.

The idea of shifting to Mexico can be daunting since we have already seen a lot of negativities around it. It is understandable to have cold feet before making the big move. By the end of this book, you will realize that there are always two sides to a story, and Mexico is no different than any other country.

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