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If you’re not convinced yet, then check out my top ten reasons to move to Thailand.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Thailand


1. Stunning Beaches


Thailand has some of the most stunning beaches globally, and these are a major tourist draw. If beach life is your thing, head south to Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui, or one of the other beach resorts. You can either lie in the sun, or maybe do something a little more adventurous like learning to dive.


2. Delicious Thai Food


Ask anyone who’s visited Thailand what their favorite thing about the country is, and nearly all will have Thai food near the top of their list. Thai food is famous worldwide, and you will find Thai restaurants in almost all major Western cities. But Thai food in Thailand is so much tastier and more diverse than in the average Thai restaurant in Western cities. To eat delicious Thai food every day is a great reason to come and live here. And it’s very cheap.


3. Year-Round Sunshine


If you’re from a cold climate, you will love the year-round sunshine in Thailand. In most of the country, it’s 30C+ (86F+) almost every day of the year. The temperature is a significant benefit when compared to living through the extreme winters of many Western countries. Everyone loves sunshine and warm weather, and Thailand has it in abundance. It means you can sit outside and have food and a beer, and feel relaxed.


4. Friendly Thai People


Thai people are super-friendly, and that is why Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Thai people love to live in harmony and go out of their way to ensure that nothing should spoil this. Because they treasure harmony, they smile a lot, even if things aren’t going their way. Thais also have a great sense of fun and are always looking for ways to enjoy themselves, as witnessed by the numerous festivals. Thais love to party and have fun. And Thai people love Westerners, so you’ll feel very welcome here.


5. To Find Work or Start A Business


Thailand is also a great place to find work or start a business. If you want to teach English, then it’s pretty easy to find a job here. If you have sought-after skills such as sales, engineering, IT, etc., it’s also reasonably easy to find a job. With the Thai economy growing at 5-6% a year, this is also a great time to start a business here if you have the required skills.


6. Cheap Accommodations


Compared to Western countries, Thailand has very affordable accommodation. A 1-bed condo in New York would cost around $3,000-$4,000 a month. You’d pay a similar amount in London. But in Bangkok, you’d only pay about $800. If you’re currently renting at New York or London prices, you could live very well here just on the money you saved on accommodation costs. In small towns, you can find accommodation for $100 per month or less.


7. Great Shopping


Thailand has some of the best shopping in the world. Thailand is a shopper’s dream from the mega-malls of Bangkok that sell the most expensive designer goods to the street markets that sell all manner of bargain goods. Many expats find cheap products that they sell back home and make a nice little extra income.


8. Awesome Nightlife


The nightlife in cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya are legendary the whole world over. These two cities are party central, and if you’re a party animal, then you should head for one of these two cities. But all over Thailand, there is plenty of nightlife to keep you entertained. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside being served a cold beer by a cute waitress while watching a Thai band play live. But whatever your tastes, you will find something to suit you.


9. Thai Temples


And finally, we have the stunning Thai temples. You will find numerous Thai temples in every town. Chiang Mai, in the north of the country, is estimated to have over 300 temples. If you visited a different one every day, it would take you almost a year.


10. Beautiful Thai Women


Many single men that come to live in Thailand come because of the beautiful Thai women. Thai women always top polls of the world’s most beautiful women, and there are lots of single women in Thailand. Many men also love the fact that many Thai women aren’t very westernized, and feel like they make better wives and girlfriends. White skin is highly valued, so Thai women are naturally attracted to the many Western men that make Thailand their home. If you’re a single male, then you will undoubtedly find yourself a beautiful Thai woman here. We’ll speak more about relationships later in the book, and also give you some pointers on how to avoid the women that can mean trouble.


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