Music Industry Sales – Share of Total Volume By Format and Genre (Select top genres) Infographic

The business of making music has a lot of potential for making money. There are many income opportunities within this industry, with all sorts of possibilities open to those who have interest and talent in any music genre. The musical industry is also quite diverse; even if a certain genre or format originated from a particular ethnicity or race, anyone can put their own spin on it. It’s not just about singing, writing songs, or composing music; there are also production, sales, marketing, and performance factors to consider. 

When we look at the music industry by the numbers, we can see how different formats and genres earn different percentages of the total market value. If any individual is versatile enough, they can also benefit from the earnings of various genres. While there is a lot of competition, developing a career in the music industry is usually possible. In fact, the industry is going through a lot of change as we speak. In the beginning, the traditional recording companies ruled the roost. Both the consumers of music and the musician artists themselves were heavily influenced and swayed by the recording companies. The circulation and sales of musical records determined how successful an artist or band was, but that’s no longer the case. With the advent and wide use of the internet, the distribution and popularity of music has gone through a crucial change. Now that creators and artists easily put their music out to the public, they can also grow and develop their own brand. The various music genres and their respective earnings can still be compared, so let’s look at the numbers for music in 2020 now: 

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Share of Total Volume By Format and Genre (Select top genres)