Nutrients in 4 Common Varieties of Vanilla Infographic

Ice cream is a smooth, sweet treat that comes in many flavors. While many of these flavors are versatile, vanilla is probably the choice that goes well with everything. Some might describe ‘vanilla’ as a plain and somewhat boring option, but it’s still a favorite for most ice-cream lovers. We can have a whole cup or dish of vanilla ice cream by itself, or put some toppings and mix-ins to make it a sundae. 

In fact, vanilla itself comes in quite a few varieties. There are at least four that are usually available at any well-stocked ice-cream store; premium, regular, low-fat, and  no added sugar. All of these choices are delicious and will probably satisfy your vanilla craving, but they do have different nutritional profiles. That’s right; ice cream does have some nutrition in it; the exact breakdown will depend on the kind you get as well as the brand it comes from. The numbers in the ice cream industry show that there’s a wide range of choices to select from, so it’s good to have some information before making a decision. For discerning ice cream lovers, here’s the lowdown on the four most common varieties of vanilla ice cream: 

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Nutrients in 4 common varieties of vanilla ice cream