One-Term US Presidents Infographic

Quite recently, Donald Trump joined the list of American presidents who served a single term. While he may run for the position again in the future, at this point he is the latest in the one-term presidents in American history. He is also one of around a dozen presidents who did run for reelection but lost the vote.

There have also been one-term presidents in America who have served just a single term by choice. However, with the complex legislative processes, many presidents have found it very challenging to bring about real and visible change in the span of four years.

Some presidents lost their approval rating during their first term and were unable to win a second term. Others remained popular throughout their second campaign but saw the approval rating drop when it was time to count the votes. On the other hand there were some chief executives who didn’t even get nominated by their own party a second time. On the other hand, there were also presidents who stepped into office after the death of the current POTUS and then declined to run for a second term.

It’s an interesting and useful exercise to know the one-term presidents and the reasons for each having this status. Knowing the American presidency by the numbers is also good for those who are interested in world politics. Let’s now have a brief glance at all the United States presidents who stayed for just one term so far:

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One-Term US Presidents