Reasons to Move to Mexico


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Language may or may not be the most significant barrier a person can face in a foreign land. If you are from an English-speaking country or have learned English as a second language, moving to Mexico can be difficult. With the availability of the internet and technology, you may learn a few helpful phrases that can get through in the start. With time and by interacting with the locals, you’ll learn Spanish in no time.

Reasons to Move to Mexico

Apart from the language, everything about a foreign country may seem highly alien to you. The food, style of living, currency, everything is bound to confuse you. This state of confusion is no surprise – it happens to the best of us. But as you try to live one day at a time, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. It was your choice to move to Mexico in the first place.

Speaking of choice, the reason you have made this big move plays a vital role in your life ahead. If it is a long official trip, you showed no interest in but had to oblige your boss, everything about Mexico will bother you. But if it is a part of your retirement plan or you want to start your life over, Mexico is an excellent choice. Either way, you will likely fall in love with this colorful country if you give it enough time.

1. Close to the US

Close to the US

Mexico is just south of the American border. Commuting between the US and Mexico is easy. You can even drive to the other side if you live close to the border[i]. In fact, Mexico gets a whole lot of tourists and immigrants from the US every year. Also, people who have gotten bored with the expensive American lifestyle find Mexico refreshing.

2. Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

You can buy or rent a place in Mexico at astonishingly low rates than in the US. The property taxes are only a few hundred dollars per year which is insane compared to the US. Of course, there are expensive places in Mexico too, owing to their location and their services. You can choose to live in a bustling city or a humble village, where you can find peace and that is easy on your pocket.

3. Low-cost Living

Low-cost Living

People who have lived in the US and Mexico can readily tell that they could easily save up to 65% of their earnings while living in Mexico. These savings are a dream in the US because, after taxes and rents, hardly anything remains to save. On the contrary, Mexico is exceptionally low-cost. You can get healthy food, healthcare, and other utilities at low prices, but you won’t have to compromise on the quality. You can even hire someone as house-help and still save up to enjoy your life.

4. Friendly People

Friendly People

One of the biggest concerns regarding a foreign country is the locals. Endless questions will arise in your mind about how you will get along with them and how they will perceive you as a foreigner. These are all legit because every country has its own way of living.

Mexican people are famous for their friendly nature. They might seem intrusive at first, but that is just their curiosity about knowing you. The neighbors will try to interact with you, ask you about your life in your native country. If they don’t know English, you might have to make an excuse. That is why learning Spanish is important. You would have an advantage if you already knew the basics before landing in Mexico.

5. Healthcare


Believe it or not, Mexico has an excellent healthcare system. It is affordable, but that does not compromise on the quality. You may be baffled to see that you can get prescription drugs without any prescription. The country is still striving to give access to the best possible services to everyone. There is room for improvement but nothing to worry about regarding the medical assistance you’ll get.

6. Exotic Landscape

Exotic Landscape

Mexico has many jaw-dropping scenes. It has lush green parts as well as clear water beaches. A trip to Riviera Maya or Puerto Vallarta is sure to captivate your heart. The country has taken tourism very seriously. Thousands of people choose Mexican beaches to spend their annual vacations, and all for good reasons. It may be a low-cost country, but if you want a luxurious beach experience, it has it all.

7. A Laidback Lifestyle

A Laidback Lifestyle

Mexico practices and preaches patience. You will notice top firms shutting down for a couple of hours in peak summers so that the employees can take a break. Naps after lunch or “siesta” are a thing in offices too. It is their culture to take it easy instead of burning yourself out.

You’ll find a sense of tranquility in Mexico, where no one hurries, and everyone respects the laidback yet efficient culture.

8. Rich History

Rich History

It will require a book of its own to cover the entire history of Mexico. It is vibrant and has everything that a strong country should have. It has survived hundreds of wars, including the ones fought between its own people. You can find the testimonials of all these at historical sites. The way Spanish culture merged with the indigenous Aztec and Mayan culture is a charming site on its own. Even the people of Mexico are of mixed descent.

9. Expat’s Haven

Expat’s Haven

Cities like Guadalajara and Guanajuato have communities packed with ex-pats. Some of them have chosen Mexico as their permanent residence, while others come during a pleasant season. The population of these communities varies from 20,000 to 40,000 at any given moment. If you feel like you cannot adjust to an entirely foreign environment, you can try settling in one such community and ask others about their experience of Mexico so far.

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