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As already mentioned, one reason that many men start a new life in Thailand is because of Thai women. So you’ll be interested to know that there are many more single women in Thailand than there are in any Western country. Many Thai women stay single in order to concentrate on their careers, but then find that there aren’t any suitable Thai men to date. So, you will find thousands of beautiful Thai women of all ages that are still single. And many of these women have successful careers or businesses. Add to that the fact that Thai women are attracted to Western men, and you have a situation that is the dream of many expats.

You will really be spoilt for choice when you move here. Even not-so-good-looking men seem to have attractive Thai girlfriends or wives, so don’t think that you won’t find anyone suitable. There are so many single women here that you will definitely find someone to suit you.

And it’s not just women that are single. It doesn’t happen so often, but some women do make Thailand their home, and they meet Thai men. From what I’ve read, these relationships don’t tent to work out so well, although there are a few success stories. The main reason seems to be that Thai men don’t really go for Western women. It’s just one of those things.

And if you are gay or into ladyboys, then you will also be spoilt for choice, and will not feel left out at all. There are thousands of gay men and women here, and also thousands of ladyboys. You will see ladyboys working everywhere – in bars, massage shops, supermarkets and banks. And often they look better than some of the women. Many expats find it difficult to tell them apart when they first arrive, but just look out for their Adam’s apple, as that is the main way to know the difference.

The women here are less Westernized than back home, and for many men that is what makes Thai women such great girlfriends and wives. I have met countless expats that are living here with Thai women, and they are the happiest they have been their entire lives.

But it’s not all good news, as you have to be a bit choosy if you want a good girlfriend or wife. Many expats that come to Thailand head to Pattaya. This is the main party town, and it’s packed with bars and bargirls. Some men are happy to have flings with one bargirl after another, but many end up falling in love with and marrying a bargirl. And these are the relationships that usually end up in disaster. The vast majority of bargirls do the job just for the money, and stories abound about bargirls that have three or four men on the go at the same time. Some expats may spend six months of the year in Thailand and six months back home. They have a Thai girlfriend and will even send her money will they are back home. But their bargirl girlfriend may then find another expat, and be having a relationship with him as well.

My advice is to steer well clear of bargirls if you want to find a good girlfriend of wife. All the bad stories I read seem to start with the guy meeting the girl at a bar. Good Thai women do not usually hang out at bars, and many Thai women have never even been inside a bar. The culture here is really different from back home, where it’s ok for women to visit bars. Women that hang out at bars here are generally seen as bad girls. This is not always the case though, as you get plenty of bars that are almost exclusively Thai, and many Thai women will be there. But it looks bad to Thai people when Thai women hang out at bars with mostly expat men.

Another thing to be careful about is HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you choose a bad girl, then you could end up catching something nasty.

But for many expats, it seems that bars are the only place they can meet Thai women. The women that work at bars can usually speak at least a little English, so it’s easy to communicate with them. And that is another reason why I keep pushing you to start learning Thai as soon as you get here. The best women in Thailand don’t go to bars, and mostly don’t speak English. So if you don’t learn Thai, then you have no access to the best single women in Thailand. That should be enough for any man to want to learn Thai, but many still can’t be bothered.

It’s your choice. Would you rather make the effort to learn Thai, and find yourself a good Thai wife, or would you rather not make the effort, and end up with a bargirl that might cause you no end of problems? Once you can speak Thai, you’ll be able to meet all those cute women that don’t speak English. And when that happens, you’ll be glad that you made the effort. You’ll stand out from the crowd of expats, and the women will really appreciate you for it.