Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. – Mother Teresa

Love is one of the most unique expressions and emotional connections provided to mankind. They say “To love is to be happy” and there can be nothing more accurate than that. No matter if it is love for a particular thing or a particular person, love is at its best when it brings you happiness. For this reason, many influencers and philosophers have talked about love and happiness in a unique manner. Mother Teresa said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”.

Mother Teresa

Who Was Mother Teresa?

Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu was a religious preacher and a Roman Catholic Nun who spent her entire life spreading positivity, peace, and freedom for the whole world. She is titled the Saint Teresa of Calcutta because she spent most of her time in India. For her outstanding work in managing orphans, the poor, and people who are in dire need of help, she was also given the title of “Mother” along with her name. 

Her most notable and active contribution towards humanity was the Missionaries of Charity which was a Catholic Congregation that was responsible for different types of social works. The organization is still active in fighting against poverty, disease, and various other social problems as well. 

For her countless efforts, she received several honors and prizes which includes the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Price (1962) and the Nobel Peace Prize (1979). While she has proved to be a role model for the whole world, she also remained a bit controversial for her views with regard to abortion and population control. She believed that abortions mark the end of peace for society. Throughout her life, her messages were based on love and happiness which is why her quote “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” is of great importance.

Bust of Teresa de Calcuta in Rome, Italy

Origin of the Quote

Mother Teresa may have said this quote a long way back. However, it got published first in the book of John Templeton where he attributed this quote to Mother Teresa. The book was named “Worldwide Laws of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles‎” and was released in 1998. On page 448, John Templeton mentions this quote and provides a bit of an explanation on how it is important towards spirituality, life, and happiness.

Meaning of This Quote

While the quote gives a direct meaning to happiness, there is a deeper meaning associated with it as well. 

Spreading Positivity

You might come across certain people in your life who are just too toxic. Wherever they go, they use the art of manipulation as well as sarcasm to make their point. Such people are considered toxic as they talk about one another behind their backs. Due to this, many relations are ruined, many friendships are broken, and many misunderstandings are created. However, by the end, such people never succeed. They either earn themselves a very poor reputation or they destroy themselves while trying to mess up with the lives of others. 

In the end, a person only regrets the wrongdoings in his life while cherishing the positive ones. Instead of being that toxic person, Mother Teresa explains how important it is to spread positivity amongst people. She means that we should be the exact opposite of the toxic person by spreading positivity, uniting people, helping others, reducing the distances among people, and many other aspects as well. If we spread positivity, we will eventually be able to make others happier in their lives. 

The Grave of Mother Teresa at her tomb in Calcutta

Avoiding the Wrong Ones

From this quote, Mother Teresa isn’t only targeting those who spread positivity but also means to say that a person who is wrong for you or toxic for you should not come closer to you. Only such a person should come close to you who can make you happier. Sometimes, we allow others to exploit us, make us feel guilty, and prove us wrong. Mother Teresa explains that you should not let such people be anywhere near you. 

Starting now – Close the gates on all such people who are wrong or toxic for you. If they are like this today, they might be the same tomorrow, and eventually one day they will leave themselves after they see no benefit from you. Before that happens, maintain your dignity and self-respect by choosing the decision to walk away rather than to stay. 

Life if About Happiness

The phrase “everywhere you go” explains the wide aspect of the quote by Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa explains that your entire life should be surrounding happiness no matter where you go. Your image towards others should be the one that displays love and affection. There are many people out there who are having the absolute worst days of their life and your one good remark, one helpful message, or one kind tone could just give them the willpower they need to survive through the day. 

As a matter of fact, you can try this out for yourself someday. Go to a restaurant, and give the waiter an extra tip along with a nice comment such as “you have a nice smile”. You may feel like this is insignificant but this would make their day. If you go out somewhere and see a person working real hard, compliment them and give them a nice remark which would definitely put a smile on their face. This has been personally experienced by many individuals and it really works!

A group of colleagues cheering and laughing

Be Polite and Helpful to Others

Sometimes, we do need the help of others but there is no one around us. Probably, this happens because many of us don’t always help others when they are in need of it, particularly when there are no problems in helping the other person. It is always suggested to be polite, kind, and helpful to others. Even if there is something wrong, talking out nicely and politely is going to work way better than talking up in a rude tone. 

Fights and problems are inevitable but dealing with them in the right way is in the hands of oneself. To make sure you never be the bad person, always spread positivity, try to talk softly even in the case of fights and other associated problems. You will eventually feel much better. 


Mother Teresa has been one of the most influential personalities of the world just like Wayne Gretzky and Mahatma Gandhi. Her works are still appreciated by the whole world. Throughout her life, the main message she gave was of peace, happiness, and love which is evident from this quote as well. We should actively follow this quote to live a much better and more peaceful life free from all the problems.