The Different Types of Flooring & the Relative Cost of Each Infographic

When you’re setting up a home, make sure to decide on the right kind of flooring. When chosen carefully, flooring can really enhance a home and make every corner look polished. Many people may think that hardwood flooring is the best kind, but it all depends on the room’s function and your décor goals. 

Deciding a certain type of flooring means that you have to look at various factors. Does a specific room need to be cozy above all, such as a bedroom or living room? Perhaps you need the living room and kitchen to be as easy to clean as possible—with tiles or vinyl flooring, you don’t have to worry about pet hair as much. For a guest room that also works as a home office, you may want to consider low-pile carpets and rugs that can stand up to the traffic. Whether you have kids or not is also an essential factor; children usually need a safe place to play indoors without any rugs to trip up on. It would also be nice to have a smooth floor for them where any messes or spills can be cleaned up without too much hassle. 

There are several different types of flooring available in the market today. They come in all sorts of colors, materials, and price ranges as well. If you’re shopping for your floors, make sure to take a look at each potential option, its pros and cons, and decide accordingly. 

Of course the higher-quality and more durable flooring options are also the ones that come at a premium price. Weigh your options and decide whether going for the higher price tag will be worth it in the long run. At times, you may even find the perfect flooring in a very reasonable range. Before going on to everything you ever wanted to know about flooring but were afraid to ask, check out the following infographic on flooring types and their costs:

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