The History and Timeline of Russian Czars Infographic

Almost all Russian citizens are aware or have at least heard of the name: Czar. For the majority, this word is usually associated with an absolute power that existed during the Russian monarchy. In fact, it is known that many famous Russian rulers have been officially referred to as Czars. Czars are also relatively known globally, but far too few know that there was a State in Europe that was ruled by a great number of men holding this title.

Russian Czars were the monarchs in the former that ruled Russia from some time in the mid-sixteenth century until the October Revolution of 1917, when the Bolsheviks took control of Russia. Czar is a title originally given to a conqueror or emperor; however, Czar became synonymous with absolute monarchy, with leaders slowly building up more power and centralizing power around them while limiting other nobles’ and clergy’s roles in government.

Let’s explore the history and timeline of Russian Czars with the help of this interesting infographic:

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The History_and_Timeline of Russian Czars