The Rise of the Fashion Industry Infographic


Fashion encompasses several aspects of our society and economy, even dictating our personal lives to some extent. Contrary to what some people may think, the fashion industry is about more than just brands, stores, design houses, and designers. Industries such as weaving, textiles, and jewelry-making are also directly influenced by the clothes and accessories that are in fashion these days. Since fashion shows and marketing are also a large part of how people view current trends, this industry also contributes to the careers of hair stylists, model agents, makeup artists, photographers, video editors, social media managers, and many more. 

‘Fashion’ itself may not have a proper application or definition, but it’s generally seen as a way of expressing oneself.  This huge and widespread fashion eco-system wasn’t always such a big part of our daily lives. Since fashion is a consumer-focused industry, it changes quickly and often unpredictably. It has also developed quite rapidly over several decades, with the internet introducing many new nuances and impacts. A look into the rise of the fashion industry can help us realize just how it has developed and evolved over time.

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The Rise of the Fashion Industry


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