Timeline of Philippine-American War Infographic

Today, Philippine is globally known for its tropical islands and diverse cultures inspired by the foreign countries. However, things were not always this smooth. The country suffered and sacrificed a lot in the past to become an independent state, especially during Philippines-American dispute.

Also known as Filipino-American war, the Philippines-American war was a conflict between the United States and First Philippine Republic. It started on 4th February 1899 and lasted till 2nd July, 1902. In 1898, the armed war was arisen by the United States when the country didn’t accept the declaration of Philippine’s independence. 

If we explore the history of Philippines-American war, you will be amazed to find out that over 20,000 Filipino soldiers were killed and an estimate of 200,000 civilians died due to hunger or disease. On the other hand, 1,500 Americans were perished, 4,300 went missing and a huge number of civilians succumbed to disease. 

Here is a timeline displaying the events which took place during the conflict and highlighting the important dates relevant to the topic.

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Philippine war timeline